Mestre Sérgio Xocolate’s XOCÔ Unveils Historic Musical Odyssey With New “Guerrra” Video

XOCÔ (Lulaworld Records) represents Mestre Sérgio Xocolate’s visionary venture, blending Afro Indigenous Brazilian rhythms with elements of rock, psychedelic music, and various modern influences. Hailing from the Northern region of Brazil, Sérgio brings forth a vibrant fusion of traditional native rhythms intertwined with folklore, capoeira, and poetry.

In his music, Sérgio’s lyrics hold a profound power, embodying a narrative of embracing courage. This spirit shines brightly in his latest single, “Guerra”, where he paints a portrait of resilience and strength. The video is historic, in terms of the Eagle & Condor Prophecy manifestation of an Indigenous artist from the North, CLASSIC ROOTS, the King of Pow Wow Techno, collaborating musically on the new invocation of the song while also dancing together in regalia with XOCÔ, an Indigenous Artist of the South.

Penned aboard a Toronto streetcar, Sérgio’s inspiration was stirred by the rhythmic resonance reminiscent of the traditional Guerra rhythm, as heard during carnival in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, performed by the Indigenous Jurema Caboclinhos.

Infused with lyrics that offer courage to those grappling with fear, alongside a heartfelt plea to the Orixá Xângo, this song stands as a dedicated anthem to justice and protection for the world’s indigenous peoples, who persist in their courageous journey of existence.

XOCÔ showcases a masterful blend of cultural influences, offering a rich tapestry of sound and storytelling. Crafted under the guidance of the acclaimed, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, Rommel, the album flourished. This past Winter and Spring, Rommel, renowned for his ability to seamlessly blend traditional Música Popular Brasileira (MPB) with Afrobeat, Reggae, Funk, and Jazz, lent his expertise to the project, producing the entire album from his home studio in Montréal, Québec.

Mestre Sérgio Xocolate is not just an award-winning composer and international recording artist but also a singer/songwriter, percussionist, and advocate for Indigenous and Afro Brazilian culture. He’s also a master teacher of capoeira and a lifelong arts educator.

XOCÔ merges his original compositions with poetry, politics, and spirituality, honoring his ancestors by revitalizing their rhythms with new lyrics and passion.