3 Hours Of Footage From New Jersey’s Public Access Anti-TV At The Warped Tour In 1997

The three-hour footage from New Jersey’s public access show “Anti-TV” at the Warped Tour in 1997 captures a raw and unfiltered look at one of the most iconic music festivals of the late ’90s. “Anti-TV” was known for its unconventional and often gritty approach to broadcasting, focusing on subcultures and alternative lifestyles. The Warped Tour, with its mix of punk rock, ska, and extreme sports, was a perfect fit for the show’s ethos. This extensive footage provides an immersive experience, featuring interviews with bands, live performances, and candid moments with festival-goers. Highlights include up-close performances from bands like Blink-182, No Doubt, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, along with behind-the-scenes interactions that reveal the vibrant and chaotic energy of the tour