Watch Bob Geldof And More Perform on May 11, 1980 Edition Of Australia’s “Countdown” Show

The May 11, 1980 edition of Australia’s iconic music television program “Countdown” was a memorable episode that showcased the vibrant and eclectic music scene of the time, including Bob Geldof of The Boomtown Rats. “Countdown,” which aired on the ABC network, was renowned for its influential role in promoting new music and artists, both Australian and international. This particular episode featured performances and music videos from a diverse array of artists, reflecting the dynamic trends of the early ’80s. The show, hosted by the charismatic Molly Meldrum, included interviews and behind-the-scenes glimpses that added depth and personality to the music, making it a beloved staple for viewers. The May 11 episode exemplified the show’s unique blend of entertainment, music promotion, and cultural commentary, solidifying “Countdown’s” legacy in Australian pop culture.