Unlock Your Music’s Potential: Eric Alper PR Revolutionizes Spotify Promotion For Sustainable Growth

Eric Alper PR is excited to offer Spotify promotion and playlisting approach that keeps long-term streaming growth and algorithmic cohesion as its primary focus. This means that he only uses real human manual pitching to worldwide playlisters curated by people who want to hear your genre of music, and to playlisters that would be programming your song in lists with similar independent artists and marketing those lists to audiences who would be looking for music like it.

He works to use the digital streaming service algorithms to help put your music in spaces where listeners would expect to hear it, resulting in a lower skip rate, using his almost-decade experience third party playlists as a way to teach discovery algorithms that your song should be suggested to more listeners who like similar artists, and a longer period of growth on your track and a higher chance of it reaching people who will become real fans.

It is his mission to make the data that independent artists have access to on their streaming platforms as usable as possible, reflecting real growth from reaching actual people as opposed to inflated fake numbers. While the digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting and changing, he is adapting to chase the same goal of bringing your music to the people who will love it.

Ready to take your music to new heights? Email me Eric@ThatEricAlper.com today for personalized details on how we can elevate your Spotify presence and connect you with your audience authentically.