Dee Snider Celebrates 40th Anniversary of “Stay Hungry” With Carnie Wilson on “Sounds Delicious”

Get ready to rock your taste buds and groove to the beats of classic rock as Dee Snider teams up with the fabulous Carnie Wilson to commemorate the anniversary of the timeless multi-platinum album Stay Hungry! In this episode of “Sounds Delicious with Carnie Wilson” on AXS TV, the dynamic duo whips up the ultimate treat: the mouthwatering “Dee Sliders”! Picture this: indulgent, cheesy, and oh-so-sloppy sliders that will have you headbanging with every bite. Hosted by the ever-charming Carnie Wilson, the show not only brings together legendary music icons but also serves as a delightful fusion of music, food, and pure, unadulterated fun. So grab a seat when the new episode airs on May 21, turn up the volume, and let the good times roll with these rock ‘n’ roll culinary delights.