Richard Tichelman Releases Heartfelt Anthem ‘Never Be The Same’ from Anticipated Debut Album In & Out of Love

Singer-songwriter Richard Tichelman is excited to announce the release of his brand new single “Never Be The Same,” out now, off his eagerly awaited full-length debut album, “In & Out of Love,” set to be released in June, 2024.

Drawing on personal heartbreak, his latest track marks a new beginning for the artist and a new song for the playlists of pop fans everywhere, just in time for summer.

Written in Nashville, TN, in close collaboration with the renowned songwriting duo Jimmy Thow (Blake Shelton, Joe Nichols, Shawn Hook) and Jamie Floyd (Ronnie Dunn, Ashley Monroe, Miranda Lambert) and produced by Ovi Bistriceanu (Mia Martina, Massari, French Montana), “Never Be The Same” showcases Tichelman’s growth and versatility as an artist who has matured as a lyricist, vocalist, musician, and songwriter.

“Never Be The Same” offers an upbeat, unapologetic, yet poignant reflection on the pain of heartbreak and the path to moving on. With lyrics like, “You don’t get to change your mind once you bury love alive,” Tichelman turns a profoundly personal song encapsulating raw emotion into a feel-good anthem for closure and healing.

Tichelman credits the collaborative magic with Thow, Floyd, and Bistriceanu for extracting these emotions and helping to convey them through song. “Being some of the most beautiful souls I’ve met, I felt immediately able to open up the emotional content of my life,” says Tichelman, who believes “Never Be The Same” is one of the best songs he’s ever written.
The unwavering support of his burgeoning fanbase has not gone unnoticed. “I feel grateful that a core group of people who know this song already can sing it back to me,” says Tichelman. “Something about this song sticks, and I’m blessed to see it move others.”

Following on the success of his previous hit single, “Hands,” which earned Tichelman a spotlight at CMW’s featured Artist Showcase and grand prize at the Jim Beam Bourbon Virtual National Talent Search, “Never Be The Same” and the new album marks Tichelman’s first project under the XOXO Entertainment Corp.

Listen to “Never Be The Same”, now streaming on all digital platforms and tune in for the YouTube music video premiere on May 25, 2024.