A New Tune For Mississauga Musicians With Musician Fair Pay Policy

Today in Council, the City of Mississauga’s first Musician Fair Pay Policy was approved, marking a significant step towards recognizing and valuing the contributions of musicians within the local art scene.

The policy is one of the first in Canada to set a minimum payment for musicians that perform at City-produced events and results directly from the City’s first Music Strategy: 2022-2026. The strategy identifies 32 actions over the next five years to support the growth and development of Mississauga’s music industry.

“Musicians are the foundation of a strong music economy and help contribute to our city’s lively music scene,” says Kristina Zietsma, Director, Culture and Recreation. “By setting these standards, Mississauga not only acknowledges the professional status of musicians, but also sets a precedent for other municipalities to follow. This policy aims to ensure that all performers are compensated fairly for their talents and efforts, fostering a more sustainable and vibrant cultural ecosystem for years to come.”

Noted in a corporate report, the policy applies to City-produced events where musicians are contracted by staff for live performances and outlines clear guidelines for equitable remuneration. It was developed in collaboration with the local music community and industry stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of musicians’ needs. It also reflects a broader commitment to supporting the arts, recognizing the essential role that music plays in enriching the community’s cultural life. This transparent approach aims to eliminate ambiguity, ensuring that artists are compensated appropriately for their work.

Rates are based on a minimum scale set in the current Tariff of Fees by the Toronto Musicians’ Association, Local 149 (TMA) – the local union branch of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) for musicians in the Greater Toronto Area. The rates established by TMA 149 serve as the industry standard minimum payment rates for professional musicians.

The City’s Musician Fair Pay Policy will be posted in the coming weeks on the City’s website.