How They Listen: First 10 Cities with Uber + Spotify

Earlier this week, Spotify and Uber, two leaders of their respective categories, joined forces to allow riders to hop into Uber cars with their Spotify music of choice already playing.

Riders with Spotify premium can simply connect the two apps to add a playlist to their Spotify-enabled Uber. The program kicks off this Friday, November 21, with more cities and cars to come, as announced on Monday.

Uber is personalized access to cars. Spotify is personalized access to music. It all happens seamlessly. This should work well.

So, what music are people going to play a lot in each of these cities, relative to the other Spotify/Uber launch cities?

If history is any indication, we have the answers below, in the form of 10 playlists — one for each launch city where Uber riders can seamlessly access the sweet sounds of their own Spotify playlists. These playlists make for some great, adventurous listening — especially if you’re into the geography of music:

The Distinctive Sound of Spotify/Uber Launch Cities

Here’s the music Uber drivers can expect to hear a lot of in these locations, proportional to the drivers elsewhere:



Los Angeles


Mexico City




New York City


San Francisco