Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider On The Music Industry: “Just level the f—ing building and build something brand new.”

There’s good and perhaps a lot of bad that can be used for good with what the internet has added to the picture that is today’s music industry. Do you think that there’s any chance that the music industry eventually figures things out?

They have to. But probably the best route they should take, I think they’ve been playing catchup for a long time — they’re constantly trying to readjust and adapt. I think that probably the truth of the matter, the answer is to start from scratch and create a whole new playbook. Forget everything — they keep trying to adjust what they knew — throw it out the window and say, “Okay, we’re starting out, now how do we create a new music industry, forgetting everything that went before?” Just get it out of your mind. Because it haunts people, it clouds their judgement and they keep trying to recapture — and it all comes down to economics, you recapture that. Well, forget that — start with a blank piece of paper and say, “Okay, now we’re making a music industry. These are the elements we have, this is the way music is created, this is the way music is transmitted, this is how it’s shared and enjoyed.” Build a whole new business plan off of that. I don’t think anybody, at least that I’m aware of, has done that, started with just a blank slate and just started over. I think that’s really what needs to be done. Just level the f—ing building and build something brand new.