Hear the World Foundation 2016’s Calendar Features Tina Turner, Naomie Harris, Wim Wenders And More

Hear the World foundation puts together a celebrity calendar every year featuring its celebrity ambassadors as part of an effort to raise awareness and support for people with hearing loss all over the world.

This year’s calendar will feature Tina Turner, Rosamunde Pike, Theo Hutchcraft, Naomie Harris and Wim Wenders, to name a few. Other ambassadors featured will be similarly recognizable names among the “Who’s Who” of the cinema, music and fashion worlds. Star portraits always speak a thousand words and the Hear the World 2016 calendar is a powerful collection of shots photographed by legendary Canadian musician and Ontario native, Bryan Adams.

As well as running a long-term campaign to raise awareness, the foundation primarily focuses on providing aid. In particular, it supports projects that support children with hearing loss by giving grants to groups looking to run hearing healthcare programs globally. These programs, which vary in length and broad objectives, ultimately enable children to hear, which in turn allows them to develop at an appropriate rate for their age and to gives them access to school education. All proceeds from the calendar go to the Hear the World Foundation in support of these grants and hearing healthcare projects. The Foundation has supported more than 60 projects across five continents since 2006, and it has already given countless people the chance of better hearing.