Jazz Singer Kellylee Evans needs our help. Donate now.

At a guess, almost every single one of you reading this blog knows the name Kellylee Evans. Many are fans, an astounding amount know her kindness in person. One of the Queens in jazz and as a human being, Kellylee lives this fragile life we all have with taste, class and ease. The equally strong, generous, and considerate jazz singer/fellow Toronto Music Advisory Council member Amanda Martinez just brought this turn of events of Kellylee to my, and others, attention. She needs our help. Let’s do this. Here’s Amanda’s note from the GoFundMe page she set up for Kellylee. I just donated. You should, too.

Kellylee Evans is known to many in Canada as the Juno award winner for best jazz album (Nina) and in France as a rising star. If you have seen her perform or met her, you have been charmed by her vivacious personality, stunning voice and endearing heart.

Two years ago Kellylee was hit by lightning – something rare that can cause brain damage like a stroke. For months she was confined to a wheelchair – not knowing if she would be able to walk again, but still kept performing in order to provide for her family.

Unfortunately by not giving her body a chance to properly rest this delayed her recovery and last month she hit her head resulting in a concussion. Many of the symptoms she had from her initial lighting strike reappeared. Her doctor insisted she cancel all tour dates and has instructed her to be on bed rest indefinitely. She’s been told to keep her eyes closed and not look at a computer, so working from her bed is not an option for proper healing.

Kellylee is in a critical situation, a single mother with three children to support. I am asking you to make a donation to this fundraising page to help her during this vulnerable time. I believe that jazz and music fans who have been blessed by her music will give back at the time she needs us the most.

Please consider making a donation to keep Kellylee and her beautiful three children strong and hopeful during this time of healing.

If you are new to Kellylee, I invite you to check out her music and see why she is such a life and musical force.

Funds will go directly to Kellylee and her family to cover daily expenses (groceries, shelter, daily and medical expenses)

Please feel free to share Kellylee’s music and this page with your friends.

With love and hope,
Amanda Martinez