Think Nathaniel Rateliff Is An Overnight Success? Think Again.

Paste: How long have you been making music now?
Nathaniel Rateliff: [Night Sweats guitarist] Joseph [Pope III] and I have been making music for 21 years we figured out the other day.

Paste: Long time, man.
Rateliff: Yeah, man. We did the college circuit, which is odd thinking about, given my daughter now goes to college [laughs]. We did a bunch of shit touring. But we also did some shows with people that we really loved like Bon Iver, Low Anthem and Tallest Man on Earth. Mumford & Sons. The Lumineers. Dr. Dog. Delta Spirit. It’s cool over the years how many names you rack up. It’s not that big of a world once you travel around and you end up running into people all the time.