“ALPHAVILLE FOREVER! – THE BEST OF 40 YEARS” to be released on September 27, 2024

Four decades of Alphaville! Founded by Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, and Frank Mertens, this pop outfit stands as one of the few German bands to break through on the international music scene. With hits like “Big in Japan,” “Forever Young,” and “Sounds like a Melody,” they have inspired generations of fans and continue to do so. This fall, Alphaville is embarking on a major “ALPHAVILLE FOREVER! LIVE” tour, preceded by their first career-spanning retrospective: “ALPHAVILLE FOREVER! – BEST OF 40 YEARS,” available from September 27, 2024, via Warner Music Central Europe—exactly 40 years to the day since the release of their debut album “Forever Young.”

Marian Gold: “Alphaville is made up of very curious beings, and the world of music is a totally crazy playground. You throw yourself in, maybe make mistakes, take detours, and come back with fabulous insights and the craziest songs. It’s a great adventure, great, great fun.”

Bernhard Lloyd: “Back in 1984, the ‘biggest year in pop,’ as it is often called, there was a seemingly simple explanation for Alphaville’s success: the right idea, in the right place at the right time. Today, 40 years later, this explanation can no longer account for the continuing worldwide success. It must be down to the special magic of Alphaville’s songs after all. And the enthusiasm with which they were created”.

The CD version (digipack) contains 40 tracks and a 20-page booklet. The shortened LP version (180g) includes a printed inner sleeve with credits and many photos, as well as a poster in the limited first edition. Notably, Alphaville fans worldwide were invited to vote on the tracklist (digital + 3CD) in advance. Using a special voting tool, they were able to choose their 40 favorite Alphaville songs, put them in the order of their choice and save them as a playlist.

Alphaville was founded by Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, and Frank Mertens in Münster, Germany. Their debut album “Forever Young” was released in 1984, immediately becoming an international success. Their first single “Big in Japan” shot straight into the international charts, reaching number 1 in Germany and many other countries. Alongside other successful singles, “Forever Young” became a worldwide hit and one of the best-known songs of the 1980s.

With their catchy synth-pop sound and profound lyrics, Alphaville struck a chord with the times—just as they have with their subsequent albums. The sensational debut was followed by further successful LPs such as “Afternoons in Utopia” (1986) and “The Breathtaking Blue” (1989). Alphaville have always managed to evolve their distinctive sound while staying true to themselves, experimenting with different musical styles and themes, giving their work an impressive diversity. Alphaville’s catalog includes eight studio albums to date, with “Eternally Yours” most recently landing at number 2 in the German charts in 2022.

One of Alphaville’s unique gifts is their ability to create timeless music that remains relevant and beloved across the decades. “Forever Young,” for example, is not only a nostalgic classic, but has been featured in countless international film and television productions and discovered by new generations, as evidenced by numerous cover versions from global stars like Beyoncé to local German rap juggernaut Bushido. Last year, the song also experienced a renaissance as a global TikTok trend.

Following the remastered and expanded deluxe editions of “Forever Young” (1984), “Afternoons In Utopia” (1986), “The Breathtaking Blue” (1989), “Prostitute” (1994), and “Salvation” (1997), you can now look forward to Alphaville’s first comprehensive best-of collection, followed by the anniversary tour:

02.11.24 Kempten, BigBox
03.11.24 Zurich, Kongresshaus
16.11.24 Bremen, Metropol Theater
17.11.24 Lüneburg, LKH Arena
29.11.24 Lingen, Emsland Arena
30.11.24 Wetzlar, Buderus Arena
10.12.24 Nuremberg, Meistersingerhalle
11.12.24 Pforzheim, CCP
23.01.25 Kiel, Wunderino Arena
24.01.25 Hanover, Swiss Life Hall
06.02.25 Düsseldorf, Mitsubishi Electric Hall
07.02.25 Bochum, RuhrCongress
13.02.25 Berlin, Tempodrom
14.02.25 Hamburg, Edel Optics Arena
22.02.25 Vienna, Gasometer
01.03.25 Freiburg, Konzerthaus
02.03.25 Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle
08.03.25 Mannheim, Rosengarten
09.03.25 Bielefeld, Stadthalle
17.03.25 Magdeburg, Getec Arena
14.04.25 Stuttgart, Liederhalle (Hegelsaal)
15.04.25 Saarbrücken, Saarlandhalle
29.04.25 Leipzig, Quarterback Immobilien Arena
30.04.25 Dresden, Exhibition Center
27.05.25 Munich, Circus Krone
30.05.25 Münster, Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland

“ALPHAVILLE FOREVER! – BEST OF 40 YEARS” is available on CD and vinyl. The CD album consists of 3 CDs with the following tracks:

CD 1
1. Big In Japan – Single Version – 2019 Remaster
2. Fools – 2023 Remaster
3. The Mysteries of Love – 7“ Remix Edit – 2021 Remaster
4. Jerusalem – Single Version – 2021 Remaster
5. A Victory of Love – 2019 Remaster
6. Summer Rain – 2021 Remaster
7. Dance with Me – Symphonic Version
8. Sounds Like a Melody – Single Version – 2019 Remaster
9. I Die For You Today – 2024 Remaster
10. Universal Daddy – 2021 Remaster
11. Inside Out – 2023 Remaster
12. Forever Young – 2019 Remaster
13. Flame – 2023 Remaste

CD 2:
1. Sounds Like a Melody – Special Long Version – 2019 Remaster
2. Dance With Me – Empire Remix – 2021 Remaster
3. Wishful Thinking – Radiomix Turbobeat – 2023 Remaster
4. The Jet Set – Single Remix – 2019 Remaster
5. Heartbreak City
6. Monkey in the Moon – 2023 Remaster
7. The Impossible Dream – Single Version – 2023 Remaster
8. She Fades Away – 2021 Remaster
9. Summer in Berlin – 2019 Remaster
10. Welcome to the Sun – 2019 Remaster
11. Lassie Come home – 2021 Remaster
12. Eternally Yours – Symphonic Version

CD 3:
1. Forever Young – Special Dance Version – 2019 Remaster
2. Romeos – Single Version – 2021 Remaster
3. Red Rose – 7“ Remix – 2021 Remaster
4. Dance With Me – 2021 Remaster
5. Fallen Angel – 2019 Remaster
6. Seeds – 2019 Remaster
7. Heaven on Earth (The Things We’ve Got To Do) – 2024 Remaster
8. Next Generation – 2021 Remaster
9. Iron John – 2023 Remaster
10. For a Million – 2021 Remaster
11. Summer in Berlin – Symphonic Version
12. Fantastic Dream – 2021 Remaster
13. Song For No One – 2024 Remaster
14. Apollo – 2023 Remaster
15. A Handful Of Darkness

The vinyl album consists of a 180gr vinyl LP, limited with poster and the following tracks:

Side A:
1. Big In Japan – Single Version – 2019 Remaster
2. Fools – 2023 Remaster
3. The Mysteries of Love – 7“ Remix Edit – 2021 Remaster
4. Jerusalem – Single Version – 2021 Remaster
5. A Victory of Love – 2019 Remaster
6. Summer Rain – 2021 Remaster
7. Dance with Me – Symphonic Version
Side B:
1. Sounds Like a Melody – Single Version – 2019 Remaster
2. I Die For You Today – 2024 Remaster
3. Universal Daddy – 2021 Remaster
4. Inside Out – 2023 Remaster
5. Forever Young – 2019 Remaster
6. Flame – 2023 Remaster