Prosecutors Kept On Asking For Statement From This Police Dog, So The Pooch Submitted This Note

The legal system doesn’t like to wait on small things like forms being filled out properly. When they want something, by gosh, they should have it. Just ask the West Midlands Police Department.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) kept on contacting the department, asking for a statement from Officer PC Peach related to an altercation with a criminal. Now PC Peach is a police dog. But CPS insisted despite being told PC Peach is a K9 officer. Because, you know, legalities and paperwork,

The department decided to send them this following statement signed with a paw print.


The Professional Standards Department (PSD) will be investigating the West Midlands Police Department after the statement above. I hope they can get PC Peach on the stand and they judge says afterwards, “Who’s a good boy? YOU ARE! You’re a Good boy!”