You Can Watch “Mean Girls” In Toronto With Lindsay Lohan

On June 22 in Toronto, you can, in fact, sit with us.

Written by the incomparable Tina Fey, Mean Girlsis a funny, clever satire of high school cliques, starring Lindsay Lohan and Ontario’s own Rachel McAdams.

See La Lohan in her career defining tour de force performance, as we so desperately want to remember her. (Those freckles!) Unleash your inner Regina, Gretchen or Karen and bring your fellow Plastics for a très cute movie date under the stars on the pier.

Join TIFF for an online movie party on an interactive platform, featuring some special guests! Connect at via video and text with stars and fellow fans, from wherever you are.

The screening will be live-commentated by Mean Girls’ star and gay icon Daniel Franzese (of Mean Girls and HBO’s Looking).