5 Seconds Of Summer Might Be Duran Duran In 40 Years

If you know me, I’m a huge fan of summer concert season. Heading to the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre for back-to-back country shows or a father-daughter 5 Seconds of Summer show are the types of memorable moments I live for.

Amex provides a breadth of access to Cardmembers each year through American Express invites and its Special Offers and Experiences. And ths access goes beyond music. Recently, I got to see 5 Seconds of Summer with my niece and Duran Duran with a close friend – that’s right, two concerts in two nights, thanks to American Express Canada.

Seeing these two shows back-to-back got me thinking…

5 Seconds of Summer might be the next Duran Duran in 40 years. I reflect back on Duran Duran’s music success and 5 Seconds of Summer’s growing popularity – plus give you my concert-going tips at the Molson Amp.

Forming in the late 1970s, Duran Duran is celebrating 38 years in the music industry. At their peak, it was to be the best time you’ll ever have as a band. Bassist John Taylor of The Early years notes, “You get to travel the world. You get to travel the world in a gang. You get to travel the world playing music. Girls chasing you around hotel lobbies. It was a fantastic time though,” He says, “How much more fun could it be?”

A mere 24 hours before Duran Duran’s show at Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, the four members of Australia’s 5 Seconds of Summer likely share the same opinion that being in peak popularity is the best time ever for a band. Both bands have thoughtful, energetic songs, fans that follow their every move – from fashion, to their girlfriends, to their social media platforms. Both make music fit for a world in which you just want to forget your job and your problems, for a few hours.

And while few would bet Duran Duran would still be around after close to 40 years after forming, they are still here and selling out arenas around the world. –They overcame drummer Roger Taylor retiring to the English countryside, after suffering from exhaustion after Live Aid, a split of the group into the two fractions – Arcadia and The Power Station. In addition to guitarist Andy Taylor leaving, yet to return, Duran Duran faced a few roadblocks like moving beyond their teen idol days, but persevered to gain respect among music critics. Other genres came and went – grunge, EDM, rap, and Duran Duran, amazingly, are able to grace us at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. Playing at the same venue isn’t the only similarity between 5 Seconds of Summer and Duran Duran. Both bands needed inspiration and bands to aspire to be like. 5 Seconds of Summer are undoubtedly massive ’90s pop punk fans. Without bands like Mayday Parade, All Time Low and Boys Like Girls, 5SOS don’t exist, just like if it wasn’t for Bowie and Roxy Music, there’s no Duran Duran.

But whatever your fave genre of music – rocking out to 5 Seconds of Summer or singing your heart out to Duran Duran – American Express has you covered.

Here are a few tips to make your next show at the Molson Amp just as memorable.

My guests and I were dancing in our seats quicker, thanks to Amex’s Front Of The Line Priority Entrance, which is exclusive to Amex Cardmembers, and allowed us to get into the venue quicker.

Since we arrived early to both shows, we followed several other Amex Cardmembers to enjoy pre-show access to the Amex Lounge located in the American Express Pavilion. While Torontonians have a right to be smug this summer, it’s almost always outdoor season now, the Amex Lounge is a downright stunning place to dine in the fresh air.


The Amex Lounge also features a patio, where you can order beverages to enjoy and look out over a stunning view of the city behind the water.


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