Dufferin Mall to tackle bullying on Saturday, September 24 with Hannah Alper and Neil Pasricha

With thousands of Toronto-area students back in school this month, Dufferin Mall is doing its part to combat the negative, sometimes tragic effects of bullying by bringing together an entire community for its ‘Be Awesome’ anti-bullying event at Dufferin Mall at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 24.

“Bullying is still one of the most troubling and pervasive issues facing young people today. No one should have to deal with the negative feelings and implications of bullying,” says Mira Kopanarov, Marketing Manager at Dufferin Mall. “We’re holding this event to rally an entire community around our youth and to demonstrate that by using positive role modeling and by practicing kindness and understanding, we can all make a positive difference in the lives of our young people.”

The two-hour ‘Be Awesome’ anti-bullying event will feature a fashion show in conjunction with Wear Your Label (fashion tackling stigmas) and inspiring speeches by youth activist Hannah Alper (@ThatHannahAlper) and Neil Pasricha (@NeilPasricha), New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Equation and The Book of Awesome. The talent in the fashion show will be real people showcasing their stories. The Be Awesome event will be emceed by Globe and Mail reporter Carly Weeks (@carlyweeks), who has written about her traumatic firsthand experience with bullying in her youth.

Those in attendance will also have a chance to see an example of the ‘Buddy Benches’ Dufferin Mall has donated to neighbouring schools. The benches, which have been proven to help curb loneliness and foster kindness in schoolyard settings, are being donated along with paint and art supplies. Students will paint and decorate the benches before installation in their schoolyards. Join the conversation @DufferinMall (Twitter) and @Dufferin_Mall (Instagram) and use the hashtag #BeAwesome.