How Slots Games’ Music Puts You in A Winning Kind Of Mood

If you’re into music, this article might surprise you.

It’s a little known secret in the online gaming world that some of the best online slots around hide some of the best music you’ll hear outside of YouTube.

More than that – the best music you’ll hear on said slots games will definitely put you in that winning, feel-good kind of mood.

Just take a look at our list and see if you agree:

Get Nostalgic With Elvis Slots

Step right this way (but watch out for those blue suede shoes) – the King is back, this time in online slot form.

But – exciting progressive jackpot bonus aside – it’s the music which really grabs you in this game. Featuring all the greatest hits of Elvis (AKA Rolling Stone’s third greatest singer of all time), the music is enough to bring back huge rolling waves of nostalgia – even if you weren’t alive during Elvis’ reign.

Be Roused to Action by Valkyrie Queen

With such a huge variety of slots games out there coming in all shapes and sizes, you can also expect the music composition on slot games to be vastly different from one another, in their purpose and effect.

Take this exciting little stunner of a game – Valkyrie Queen slots.

Now, if you don’t know what a ‘valkyrie’ is, don’t worry. You learn everything you need to from the music. Which, by the way, is incredibly stirring, making players feel as if they are ready to run into battle, all guns ablazing.

Don’t believe how stirring it is? Watch this clip first with the music, and then without the music.

See what we mean?

Feel That Good-Timey Holiday Cheer With Bah, Humbug! Slots

Nostalgia and battle-readiness aren’t the only two highly motivating musically-inspired emotions out there – no, that would be doing a disservice to the redemptive, feel good power of classic holiday season songs.

Throw in a load of bells and upbeat-sounding chords, and suddenly you’re imaging a Dickensian scene of snow, orphans and holiday cheer – even if it’s actually a sweltering hot day and there’s months to wait until Christmas.

But the second you hear that gorgeous soundtrack – a la Bah Humbug! Slots – and play that exciting game, you’ll want to keep going due to the way it makes you feel – and all the precious memories it leads to.

Be Mystified By A Great, Folksy Beat With Gypsy Slots

Is there anything that good old fashioned song and dance can’t do? Well yes, yes there certainly is. But that’s not the point. Other epic slot games, such as Gypsy Slots, hook their players in with the deliciously tempting, high-tempo traditional-sounding violin medley.

And regardless of whether you’re actually playing the game or not, it’s almost a given that you will want to stick around for the catchy, storyful beat, which will grab your attention and keep you wanting more – you could say almost like a gypsy’s curse. Maybe.

All in all, slot games without the music are exciting to play – but it’s not going to be an all-in experience. The music, alongside the bonuses and all the whizzy bits – are really what makes a slot game great and more importantly – memorable.

Just see for yourself.