The Tragically Hip Are Now Owners Of A Medicinal Marijuana Grow-Op

Veteran esteemed members of the music industry, the forward-thinking guys of The Tragically Hip are now applying their expertise in creating fan-friendly and – quite frankly – doing good in the world for the future – to the hot-button issue of legalized medical cannabis. Only they’re just not putting their signatures on a petition. They just bought at marijuana grow-op. From their website.

Hello Friends,

We are happy to announce that we have become partners with one of Canada’s newest, soon to be public, licensed producers of medicinal marijuana. The company is called Newstrike and, after much discussion and assessment on our part, we’ve decided that this company – and the many creative people in it – are a perfect fit for The Hip.

Medicinal cannabis is legal in Canada, and it already greatly benefits the health and well being of many of our fellow Canadians.

There is a commitment from the Federal Government to legalize recreational use in just over a year, and with good reason. The harm wrought by the prohibition of marijuana has been thoroughly researched and documented.

This is a common-sense-policy and, in our opinion, is a change for the best.

Newstrike has done its due diligence with respect to all aspects of this business. They’ve hired pre-eminent scientists and growers, developed large, well-structured sites and have the wherewithal and expertise to take this on.

We are excited about our involvement with Newstrike and are looking forward to the prospect of contributing creatively to their efforts.

More to come,

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