JUNO Award Winner Kellylee Evans Conveys Reflection and Healing on New EP ‘Show Love’

Within her newest musical effort, JUNO award-winning singer, songwriter and motivational speaker Kellylee Evans expresses a newfound level of self-reflection. Through addicting jazz compositions and her powerful expression of soul, Evans’ new six-track EP Show Love exemplifies her signature sound while taking her artistry to new heights.

Over the course of 18 months, Evans worked with producer and collaborator Michael Shand. According to Evans, Show Love displays a lesson in patience and taking life as it comes. Regarding the EP’s recording process with Shand, Evans says, “Different things would arise for each of us, requiring us to put aside the project and tend to what was most important in our lives. But we would each keep coming back to the project with a renewed sense of passion and wonder for what we were working on.”

This dedication and wonder is evident within the project. Show Love is a reflection of the journey that Evans has taken thus far as she looks back on her identity as a mother as well as her own childhood. Having lost her mother to cancer in 1999, Show Love is heavily influenced by Evans’s deeper understanding of her mother and their relationship.

“It’s a love letter to my mom to say that I finally get it,” Evans says.

Through her iconic sound – a captivating infusion of jazz, soul, funk, R&B and hip-hop – Evans not only expresses her contemplation of her youth and family relationships, but she conveys every aspect of her identity in a way that is raw, unapologetic and deeply relatable.

“This is an album of reflecting back on those times both musically but also conceptually, coming to terms with my feelings about growing up wanting to succeed and make my parents proud and my journey to find true love at any cost. This album is me, in all my shame and glory. And if the early feedback is any indication, listeners are finding themselves in these stories as well. The message is universal.”

The EP as a whole is a diverse and well-rounded body of work as it utilizes both fast tempos and slow beats equally and effectively. The title track contains a sensual and addicting musicality as Evans finally admits that she is now ready to show love in her life. With Shand arranging and playing instruments on every song on the record, Evans says Show Love wouldn’t have been complete without his influence.

“He’s the secret sauce of this album, and such a vital contributor,” Evans says. “This album, to me, also reflects the music of my childhood, of growing up in the ’80s and ’90s: house, soul, and a Caribbean vibe that goes through all of it. Michael is so amazing, he captured it perfectly.”

Whether it’s romance, motherhood or catharsis, Kellylee Evans offers a range of emotions and reflection on the six songs that comprise Show Love. Her impeccable and versatile vocals meticulously deliver the emotions of each song with vivid imagery and insightful lyricism, and listeners are able to find a deeper understanding and healing for themselves just as Evans expresses for herself within her artistry.

Show Love Track Listing:
Show Love
Shelter in the Storm

Kellylee Upcoming Tour Dates:

July 26, 2024 – Stratford Summer Music – Friday Night Live – Stratford, ON
July 29, 2024 – Carleton University Jazz Camp Ottawa, ON
August 24, 2024 – Port Hope Jazz Festival – Port Hope, ON
September 27, 2024 – Old Mill – Toronto, ON
November 29, 2024 – Women’s Blues Revue – Toronto, ON
December 7, 2024 – National Arts Centre – Ottawa, ON
December 12, 2024 – Salle Bourgie, PQ
December 13, 2024 – Hugh’s Room Live – Toronto, ON
December 14, 2024 – Hugh’s Room Live – Toronto, ON
February 22, 2025 – Aurora Cultural Centre – Aurora, ON