Murray McLauchlan on Old Times and New Times Selling Albums

“When the album-a-year thing was going on, really through the ‘70s, the whole industrial model was completely different than the way it is now,” he says. “There was a cycle – you’d make the record, put the record out, give it to radio, tour the record, then the tour would be over, and you’d go back and make another record and do the same thing over again.

“That’s totally, completely, absolutely gone now. There’s no driving force that compels you to make records. Now it’s a labour of love. The principal difference now is, if I put out a record like Human Writes or Love Can’t Tell Time, I have a huge amount of fun doing them – they’re artistic driven projects for me – and I have zero commercial expectations of them.

“I do enjoy going out and playing them, but if I don’t, probably nobody’s going to hear the songs.”

– Murray McLauchlan interview with John Law in the Niagara Falls Review