Your Favorite Millarworld Comics Are Coming To Netflix

That’s right comic book fans, you will be able to stream your favorite Millarworld titles on Netflix instantly! This year Mark Miller made a deal with Netflix handing over the rights to almost all of his comics, which means that soon you’ll be able to binge-watch your favorite Millarworld classics from your couch or smartphone.

Millarworld Comics

Millar has been writing and working in the comic book industry since 1989, writing his own comics and spending years working alongside the creators of Marvel and X-Men movies. He also wrote the critically-acclaimed mini-series “Superman: Red Son” published by DC Comics.

Many of Millar’s comics were the inspiration for a number of Marvel blockbusters. Millar’s “Old Man Logan” was the inspiration for Marvel’s recent movie Logan, and his “Civil War” comic served as the basis for the story in the movie Captain America: Civil War. Millar also recreated “The Ultimates,” an adaption of an earlier classic, which was given credit for inspiring the multi-film superhero collection, “The Avengers.”

In 2004, Millar left Marvel and went on to own build his own comic book empire, Millarworld. Millar not only writes original fan-favorites, but he has worked as the executive producer for all of his Millarworld movie adaptations as well. One of his first titles, “Wanted” was the highest sold creator-owned comic of the decade. It was later turned into a $340 million grossing movie at the box office, starring Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. With the success of comics-turned-feature-films like “Wanted,” “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman,” the sky is the limit for Mark Millar his potential new feature films with Netflix.

What Does This Mean For Millarworld Fans?

With the acquisition of Millarworld, Netflix has the right to create original series or movies based on Millar’s comics. Millar mentioned that Kick-Ass and Kingsman are not included in the Netflix deal to make adaptations, but 12 other comics are “fair game.” That means that Netflix could be bringing your favorite comics to life like:

  • Chrononauts
  • Huck
  • American Jesus
  • Starlight
  • Superior
  • Empress
  • Jupiter’s Legacy

In addition to these classics, Millar says he will continue to create and publish new comics with his Millarworld team under Netflix.

You Need a Netflix Account, STAT!

So what are you going to do now that Netflix is bringing to life your favorite comics? Besides jumping for joy, of course! Well for one, get a Netflix subscription. And for those of you who have been mooching off of your parents’, sibling’s or BFF’s Netflix account, it’s time to cut the cord. Even though Netflix subscriptions are only $7.99 for some people it’s much easier to stay logged into your ex’s sister’s boyfriend’s account, right? Wrong.

Luckily for you companies are making it easy to get your own account … for FREE. Yup, you read that right. T-Mobile is offering users a complimentary subscription to Netflix, when you have two or more lines of T-Mobile ONE. That means free Netflix streaming on top of unlimited data plans, unlimited mobile hotspot, international roaming perks and more. So, you’ll definitely want your own account now that you’ll be able to shamelessly binge-watch some of your favorites like “Reborn” and “Super Crooks.”

Don’t be left out of watching some of the greatest comic book stories hitting your TV screen, go take advantage of the one of the biggest Netflix acquisitions in history!