The BBC News Report In 1981 On The New Romantic Scene Follows Spandau Ballet and Nightclubbers

Spandau Ballet’s first single had been in the UK chart for 11 weeks and their second was launching January, 1981. They were the house band for a London clubland cult variously called the Blitz Kids and the New Romantics. Few journalists had paid much attention to this massive underground following, but Robin Denselow, a savvy music writer for The Guardian, had also been recruited by the BBC’s new nightly current affairs strand, Newsnight. He recognised a Pop Moment if ever there was one and took his camera crew to Le Kilt, the coolest club-night of the month. We see him given the full New Romantic manifesto by half a dozen of its 21-year-old exponents who were all on the brink of showbiz and media careers. This package triggered the tabloids to flock into clubland and make stars of the most stylish kids – the story of the 80s Pose Age was in lift-off.