Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On February 25, 2018 From The Indie World

Sophie Simmons
Black Mirror
The daughter of Gene Simmons follows in her father’s footsteps of knowing a great pop chillout song when she hears it. Eloquent and distinctive enough to separate herself from the pack, I hope this isn’t the last we’ve heard of his star in the making on her own terms.

Nobody Like You
Dark, ethereal bedroom pop vibe revealing his experiences while recording on a equipment bought for a few hundred dollars. There’s too much love and wisdom in him to not succeed from here on out.

Saints Day
With a combined 20 years of classical, instrumental and choral training, this American DJ team writes and produces their own electronic music. Pulsates with a steady beat dug from within the heart of clubland.

Kevin Courtois
Let Me In
The EDM DJ from Paris, France follows his brilliant Craving single, which received over 500,000 streams in the first month of its release and reached top 5 in the German Dance charts. This track is already a highlight is what is certain to be one of many.

Martti Franca
An acoustic song from the perspective of being the second choice in a relationship. These sentiments ring true for anyone who has ever been in this situation, or hopes not to be in one.

Deaf Joe
Where’s Your Loving Gone
Features lyrics with the bluntness of John Grant, and music reminiscent of early 00s Warp electronica, this is what a one-person band should sound like. Using influences to create something new, this track isn’t going to fall on deaf ears.

We Are Energized
Time Machine
Trio from London making electronic music, with combining live bass and vocals, this is a must-listen if you’re into Gary Numan or Kraftwerk.

Random Gyan
You don’t have to know the backstory of going to a quaint little village in Vietnam, this offering from this band from India is solid and cohesive enough worth repeated listens.

Carla Stark
Once a Cheater
She was singing Claude Nougaro before she could talk. She grew up listening to Korn and Stevie Wonder in the same hour. She’s a ravishing merchant of the world, taking a ton of influences from France, India and America for her own melting pot.

Evan Cline
Succeeds based on his influences of Ed Sheeran and making it a strong contender in the age of mainstream soft-rock and blue-eyed balladry.