Molly Parker talks Maureen on new Lost In Space

By: W. Andrew Powell, The GATE

Actor Molly Parker may be best known for playing Jackie Sharp on House of Cards, but in her latest role, she’s taken to the stars for the Netflix Original series, Lost In Space, and even she was surprised by the tough character, and how the writers turned her into a bit of an action hero by the end of the first season.

For the new Lost In Space, Parker plays Maureen, an engineer trying to work with her estranged husband, while reconnecting with her three children on a mission to reach a distant new human settlement. Based on the original series from the 1960s, the family-friendly show is fun and thrilling, with a fantastic cast and story.

“The writers, at the beginning of the production, kept joking with me that they were going to turn me into an action hero,” Parker said. “I was like, ‘Yeah, right.’ That’s not my forte, but as it went along, it turned out they were serious. She’s tough, and that’s pretty fun. That’s fun to play.”

“I hadn’t seen the original when Netflix first approached me about doing the show,” Parker said. “I guess I had a kind of idea of it, that there was a robot and super-cheesy sets, so I wasn’t altogether convinced that it was altogether a good idea. But then I read the script and the script was so nuanced and you’re right into the action right away, and I felt very comforted that Netflix was making it because I knew that they would support it in the way that it would need to be supported.”

Parker was also thrilled that the series was family-friendly, and how well it works for parents and kids.

“I think there’s a real lack of shows out there that you can watch with your kids and you’re both really engaged and want to watch it. I think this fits right into that space, but it’s fun and it’s exciting, but it’s also sophisticated enough to keep adults engaged.”

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