National Music Centre Announces Steven Page Is 2018’s RBC Master in Residence

RBC Master in Residence workshops at Calgary’s National Music Centre provide opportunities for emerging artists to gain unprecedented access to masters in various genres and aspects of music. Through mentorship, lectures, and hands-on workshops, Canadian artists benefit from the unique experiences and skills of these masters. NMC will recruit these masters, and work closely to develop specific programs that unpack their distinct skills to maximize benefit for participating emerging artists.

The NMC has just announced their Master in Residence for 2018 is ex-Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page. Great choice. His songs are etched in the canon of Canadian music. As one of the principal songwriters and lead singers for Barenaked Ladies, Page co-fronted one of the most unique success stories in Canadian music, leaving a legacy of international hits, and a rabid, global fanbase. Page continues to contribute to Canada’s musical story through his successful independent career.

As NMC’s Master in Residence for 2018, Page will provide insight into his process and offer new perspectives to aspiring songwriters. Go here to apply.