Pitchfork and Vinyl Me, Please Announce Slowdive Pygmalion Special Edition Reissue

Pitchfork is teaming up with monthly record subscription club Vinyl Me, Please to launch a new series of special edition vinyl records. Co-curated and co-released records will be shared on a quarterly basis, featuring a remastered reissue with reimagined cover art. A special editorial feature will also be released on Pitchfork’s website, including interviews with current artists surrounding the album’s influence on today’s music and more. You can start to order here.

The first release in the series is Slowdive’s seminal 1995 LP Pygmalion. It’s available now for preorder here, with shipping to begin in early December. Each Pygmalion pressing is on a 180-gram white vinyl record, with the album’s original cover art featuring imagery of Rainer Wehinger’s graphic notation for the 1958 György Ligeti work Artikulation.

“Music and storytelling are important parts of the cultural DNA of both Vinyl Me, Please and Pitchfork,” Cameron Schaefer, Head of Music & Brand at VMP, said in a statement. “So, it’s both a natural fit and very exciting to partner in a way that allows us to operate creatively in both areas. Getting to curate, reimagine, press to vinyl, and write about our favorite albums is a ton of fun and feels like the best way to pay homage to the artists we love and hopefully give fans a new experience around timeless albums in the process.”