Woodstock Nation, A New Festival Documentary For The 50th Anniversary Of Woodstock

Independent film production company Golden Leaf Pictures announces it will release Woodstock Nation, a new documentary exploring the evolution of music festivals, from the organic experience of the original 1969 Woodstock to a myriad of themed festivals today, asking the question: Is music still a strong voice for social change and do people have an innate need to gather in musical celebration?

Woodstock sparked a social and humanitarian revolution. Those three days in upstate New York led a generation to find its voice, and fifty years later there are hundreds of festivals popping up each year. Woodstock Nation explores this phenomenon through interviews with performers – original Woodstock performers and today’s top stars – concert promoters, influencers, celebrities, and fans.

The documentary will explore themes and theories revolving around the power of music, the importance of festivals to artists and fans, and the ways in which our relationship to music has changed. With technology that allows us to experience more high-quality music than ever before from the comfort of our homes, why do millions flock to music festivals each year?