The Perfect Playlist for Hosting a Casino Night

What are two of the best things you can think of when it comes to gambling? If you said enjoying a casino night with music, you are right there with us. For centuries, playing cards and music to entertain guests has existed. From the time of whist and dukes, arranging for entertainment when guests come over was a necessity. Now with advancements in technology, we might go away from the old rules of cards and entertainment, but we still know music, and casino games are two of the best things you can offer for entertainment. Whether you are a DJ hired to provide music at a party, creating casino night for an office party or new deal, or just having fun with family and friends, you need the perfect playlist to host a casino night.

The night should have a playlist with starters, during play themed songs, and end of night wrap-ups.

Starter Songs

Starter songs are those you play before everyone arrives. They are meant to get everyone ready to play, psyched about the coming activities, and to keep you talking while you wait. The best songs will have an upbeat tempo without being overwhelming. You want something that sounds like a party is beginning, but you are also in a time when you want to talk and not focus on the music.

Themed Songs for Gameplay

There are numerous songs that involved poker, gambling, and Vegas that you can choose from to add to the fun of the night. These songs can be upbeat, filled with lyrics, and help distract other players at the table. The idea of the game songs is to keep everyone having fun. A great starter for the opening round of poker is always Viva Las Vegas. You can then move on to other fabulous choices.

End of Night Casino Songs

As people are tired, they are looking like they do not want more rounds, and some are already getting up to leave, it is time to change the playlist again. This time you want songs that are great but showing that the party is getting ready to end. Slower music, with softer notes, help relax everyone, maybe imply that talking can continue, but the festivities and hyperactivity are coming to an end.

Song Suggestions to Live By

Lady Gaga’s Poker Face is a mix of dance and pop that certainly feels like Vegas.

Pussycat Dolls with Wait a Minute is another club scene style song that keeps the activity level increasing and people more willing to play and have fun.

Katy Perry sings Waking up in Vegas, and it is a great tune to use if you want to bring “Vegas” alive in your home. She discusses what can happen when you let Vegas takeover and the fun begin.

Tom Waits is famous for On the Nickel, where the topic is about a royal flush that is unable to beat a pair. The lyrics sound a lot like poker related topics; however, he sings about 5th street in Los Angeles.

If you have ever seen Lucky You with Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore, then you know Huck’s Tune by Bob Dylan was used in the movie about gambling. It is a classic Bob Dylan tune that should not be missing from any casino night playlist you create.

For those of you who have a more country-western take on music, then Clint Black’s Good Run of Bad Luck is a perfect choice for your country playlist. It is a song of high rollers, betting, and lady luck.

O.A.R. created That Was a Crazy Game of Poker, which is about a luckless man who is losing, but sometimes you get the feeling this player might win.

Eagles and their tune Desperado about the queen of diamonds is a pure classic that adds to any playlist of classic rock or country.