Kesha on the changes the music business needs to make: “There are sides of it you don’t see coming, especially when you’re young”

“From my personal experience, I don’t think the human mind knows what to do sometimes when you reach a goal and, especially with fame and traveling so much, it being just such a strange way of life,” Kesha told Music Week. “The mental health aspect of it is really real. A lot of musicians I know don’t necessarily have the answers to how to do this; we just kind of figure it out along the way. If the head of a label is reading this, I would say: we’re human beings, we’re not robots. I know I’m the luckiest person in the world for getting to achieve my dreams and my goals, but there are also sides of it that you don’t see coming, especially when you’re young – 15, 16, 17 years old – and you’re dreaming up this thing. It’s a really intense, insane ride. Again, I’m so grateful, and I’m very lucky to have put out music and people listen to it. But [people should] just remember, we are human beings and we have emotion. I think a lot has changed, but there’s still a lot of changing to be done in terms of the industry.”