5 Excellent Music Schools and College in Canada

If you’re interested in pursuing music education, there is a wide range of schools and universities available. Their programs vary from institution to institution, yet most of those presented here are part of top ten. The first thing that you should be doing as a music student is look up the university’s entry requirements.

After you confirm that your application will be considered (nobody wants to work for no good reason), go ahead and look up the school’s schedule, environment, body of professors and students, etc. After your requirements are checked is when the college’s features should become a priority. So, if you’re set and ready to check out the coolest places for music majors, here is our list. Don’t forget to let us know what you think! Please comment below if you have other cool tips and tricks that we should be informed about.

  1. The Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music

Whoever hasn’t heard of the Toronto Royal Conservatory yet knows nothing about the Canadian music education. Ranking top in every single list, it is one of the best school that Canada has ever seen. It is located in Toronto, and its alumni include Glenn Gould and Jon Vickers. The professors are more than authentic and highly educated, the students are free to express themselves in every way, and the school’s internal structure puts it in top ten Canadian schools. That is because at Toronto Conservatory, you can study anything from acting to dance and music!

Mostly recommended for: students who love live performances, hard-work, intensive training, and most of all, are dedicated to becoming excellent.

  1. Banff Centre or Arts and Creativity

The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (Banff, AB) was founded in 1933 and is an organization that teaches students how to reach extraordinary music abilities while developing their creativity. At its root, the school started with a single drama class but has grown to be a leading organization in music, culture, dance, and the arts in general. The Rockies are close, the campus is inspiring, and the people around you are simply amazing.

Mostly recommended for: students who want to develop creativity but also pursue music education.

  1. Victoria Conservatory of Music

One of Canada’s most advanced schools, Victoria Conservatory of Music trains talented artists to become real professionals and enter the job market. It offers education in many domains and instruments, so this could be your chance to develop some qualities better than others. More than that, Canadian Edubirdie writes essays for money, so in case you need any type of help, other students are available for you online! The school’s programs areas include classical, contemporary, tech and creativity, therapy, early childhood, as well as postsecondary. Go and see for yourself!

  1. Queen’s School of Music

Founded in 1945 and located in Kingston, Ontario, Queen’s School of Music focuses on those artists who want to become more than great at their jobs. They train artists who later go on to be top favorite artists in every pop culture conversation. Some of their alumni include Nick Adams and Hamza Bangash, as well as Keith Bennie. Isn’t it so interesting that this school produces so many hit-makers? Maybe. And I’m not sure how they’re doing it, but they have incredibly good results all year long. So, move to this cool town to experience the music in its entirety!

  1. Yale School of Music

I have no introductions for Yale, since everyone already knows about it. However, I can tell you that this legendary school trains some of the top music leaders in the country. Yale School of Music, even if less popular than Yale’s other branches, produces many successful artists; two of their alumni body include Michael Daugherty and Matt Brubeck. It is located, as you might know, in New Haven, Connecticut, and it is fairly close to New York City, for those interested. But how does this relate back to Canada? Yale is seriously thinking of expanding abroad and Canada might be exactly what it needs!


Now that you’ve checked out our list, ensure that you check each one of the university requirements before applying. You must be eligible in order to be considered so that’s pretty important. Also, make sure that your resume looks sharp and your grades are high. In the end, these colleges will only accept students who strive for perfection, nothing less.

I know this aforementioned list might be a little bit intimidating, but I can promise you: whatever you set your mind to, you can conquer. All you need to do is desire it from the bottom of your heart. With that being said, I will conclude today’s topic by saying good luck, and keep your head high! You got this!

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