How to Get More Likes On Instagram: Expert Tips

A video-sharing social networking service, also known as Instagram, is an interesting platform in so many ways. This is a photo-based service that allows users to upload not only images but short videos too. Photos (single or multiple) and video clips can be edited with filters, additionally grouped with hashtags and location marks, and shared publicly or with pre-approved accounts only. 

Creators can interact with other users (followers) in comments and direct messages, but the most important thing on Instagram was and still is – “like”. Speaking of likes, besides these basic options, users can also organize campaigns or contests by using, with appropriate giveaways usually to promote a brand, product or to increase the number of likes and followers. 

It sounds so simple, almost innocent, right? Well, with social media, it hardly ever is.

Instagram was created in 2010 and since then, it reached more than 1 billion active monthly users (71% under the age of 35), which makes it the second most engaged social network. The average user spends around 53 minutes per day following their favorite influencers’ and brands’ activities. These numbers are the solid ground for many business opportunities, so it’s hardly a surprise that over 70% of US businesses think that using this particular service for promotion is a good business decision.

Undoubtedly, Instagram can have a significant impact on a buyer’s purchase. 80% of users will show interest and decide to buy while browsing the feed. For many, the secret of Instagram’s popularity and success lies in advanced video editing and extreme photoshopping of images.  Surprisingly or not, it’s more about the subtle relationship between engagement and visibility.

Instagram engagement represents the follower’s reactions to content, and it can be in the form of likes, comments, and shares. Humans are visual creatures, so it’s only natural to expect a lot of engagement on the visual-based platform. Concerning the content, the variety in types makes it an ideal service for creativity through photos, stories, live videos, videos, and IGTV App. As a result of the constant, carefully planned engagement, the creators will be awarded for it with the increased followers’ activity.

However, even with the most dedicated engagement, some creators are not able to achieve a satisfactory growth on their accounts, for two main reasons. First, the same as most platforms these days, Instagram has algorithms. To beat them, creators have to keep in mind that connecting with the audience and other creators, choosing the right time to post and keeping the posts interesting and visually recognizable are the most critical factors. Second, and probably the hardest thing to accomplish is to find a unique style. Charm and wittiness might not be everyone’s characteristics, but civilized behavior and kindness can be. Finding what makes you, as a creator, relatable to others is the key to gain more followers. 

 If the creator doesn’t want to spend too much time analyzing and theorizing, let’s say it out loud: “It’s all about likes.” Yes, likes will keep the feed going, and both creators and algorithms enjoy “seeing” them. 

The question that is on many lips is, do they still matter after Instagram’s experiment with hidden likes? Of course, they are probably even more important than ever, as according to statistics, followers are clicking it less than before.

So, what can be done, practically, to increase their number?

  • Polish your photos

Dedicated Instagramers will carefully plan their photo sessions. No, it doesn’t mean that they have to hang from the cliff for a “good” photo. For beginners, choosing the photogenic scenery, interesting subject or theme, and learning how to use editing Apps will be more than sufficient. The posting schedule should be logical, connected to the previous and following “stories” and photos should always have the same quality. Editing is a matter of preference, with so many available applications and programs.

  • Choose your hashtags carefully

Hashtags are probably more important on Instagram than on any other platform. Their purpose is to help creators to target the right group of people, demographically speaking, meaning hashtags should enable them to collect more likes in a short period of time.

To make the most of it, the wise thing would be to search for the most popular ones if it is an event within the niche. For specific campaigns, hashtags should be specially created to correlate with the theme.

Modesty is the right policy in this case. Too many hashtags can be counter-productive.

  • Think before you tag other accounts

Why? Because different people have different interests. It’s acceptable to tag people or businesses connected with a particular subject. Most people appreciate it when they are recognized, so they will probably respond with like, even if its not their niche. However, too many “wrong” tags can sometimes initiate an unpleasant reaction.

  • Don’t forget the geotag

Location is important for Instagram, almost as much as it is for the real estate market. Indicating your location can bring a significant number of likes from people who are in some way connected to that area. Furthermore, it’s really easy to do it, just by choosing the “Add Location” option. 

  • Join groups

Believe it or not, Instagram creators support and help each other, with likes and comments. These groups usually have some ground rules, which are simple and easy to follow.

Being an Instagramer is mostly about your goals and expectations. You’ve heard of famous influencers and their incomes, for sure. But, unfortunately, that isn’t everybody’s destiny on Instagram. 

There is another issue that should be more important than any like or income. Activity on social media platforms comes with a certain influence and responsibility toward others and toward ourselves, as well.

Scandals, controversies, fake accounts, and photoshopped locations are just a few of many ways people can be tricked on Instagram, and both followers and creators should be aware of this and treat each other with respect. This means that we should keep enjoying Instagram, but always think before we like something because likes can give credibility to undeserving people.