How to Choose the Right Pillow for You

Today every single person knows that it is necessary to have a good rest during night hours because it is the main key to a great mood for the next day, a healthy body and an energy boost for daily life. And a mattress made of high-quality fabrics and with modern technologies provides you such a healthy rest. An orthopedic mattress is no longer just a wish or an accessory but became already a necessity for everyone not only for those who try to live their lifestyle healthily. Moreover, there is still not so big amount of people who think about the importance of such a usual accessory as a pillow.

Unfortunately, the role of a pillow in our rest is highly underestimated! Feeling of tiredness, permanent sore head, the tension in shoulders or muscle pains may indicate that your pillow the right for you. In spite of a diversity of pillows all over, not every single one is good for you. There exist various primary goods pillows are made of as, for example, sobakawa pillow.

Regular One or Orthopedic Pillow: What to Choose

How to find a proper kind of place for a good dream? Diversity of shapes, fabrics, fillings, colors, and sizes is large and you will never find the one if you do not really know what to look for. Sometimes some manufacturers make regular pillows look like special ergonomic orthopedic ones. 

Orthopedic pillows are characterized by:

  • irregular shapes for a stronger body and head hold during the night;
  • hypoallergenic and moist resistant fabrics of a topcoat;
  • special foam filling products for stronger hold of your neck.

Regular pillow filling is usually made of simple natural or synthetic materials such as feathers, holofiber, and others. They can not provide you with good maintenance as orthopedic pillows can. Forms of them are usually either square or rectangular.

How to Buy the Proper One

Orthopedic pillows were made to relax stressed muscles and to improve the blood flow in the neck to the brain. That is why the size and stiffness of it matters a lot. Reading different reviews on jonsguide helps a future pillow owner to understand all pros and cons and to find a place to sleep on with proper characteristics. Because if the pillow doesn’t fit your body or way of night sleep, it will not work as it should.


  • Sleep on the back. Pillow with a low hardness in a medium size with a recess for the neck.
  • Sleep on sides.  High and stiff pillows are great to fill up all the space between an ear and a shoulder and conveniently maintain the whole body. 
  • Sleep on the stomach. Soft and thin almost flat pillow for slight maintenance of your head. 


Each person is individual and this is the reason you have to learn all the information about your future pillow. Pay attention to every detail before purchase because it will affect your body every day for several hours at least.