Become an Artist in the 21st Century – It’s Easy Enough

We live in the best age to become an artist and create new things. See what you can do with just a few online videos.

Why You Live in the Best Age to be an Artist

Our modern society is certainly one that has grown accustomed to distractions and generally having a good time. We have found all sorts of ways to keep ourselves entertained. From binge watching the latest TV series to hoping over to Roulette77 Australia to play the classic French game, there seems to be no end of what you can do. Understandably, the artistic endeavor has become very easy these days. You can still praise and admire classic composers and paintings, but it’s not necessary to feign interest either. Instead, there is a world of opportunities waiting out there.

Learn to Play an Instrument

You can play any instrument, and not just to impress your friends, but to revel in artistic endeavor. And while in the past some people had to learn by ear or dream to know how to play the piano, today it’s all a matter of being willing to put the hard work in.

YouTube is naturally bursting with tutorials that will teach you everything about scales and half-tones, reading music sheet and more. You can learn guitar in pretty much the same way, although, some argue that while guitar is easier to learn from YouTube, it’s also easier to get it all messed up.

Piano, for example, teaches you a proper fingering technique and you stick to it. What you have to do moving forward is to just play the scales hundreds of thousands of times back and forth to develop that neat muscle memory and know the basics.

Yet, don’t think it’s just the mind-numbing drilling of scales! If you are dedicated and applied, you will soon enough be able to produce quality little tunes!

Drawing Is Easy, Learn It

Now, you have probably heard people willing to draw and enjoying copying, but not quite able to muster images onto paper from memory. This is okay and you shouldn’t stop pursuing your dream if you really want to draw. Just like learning the piano or guitar, it’s all about muscle memory.

Training your brain to not only see things but making the connection between the imagined pictures – which an untrained brain sees as blurry – and the paper or whatever medium you use to put those images on.

In other words, just like you have to spend hundreds of hours practicing scales, so you have to really get yourself out there and draw, and draw, and when you are all but tired – draw. Talent, they say is important, but you will soon enough tap into your talent once you have had time to get yourself equipped with all the necessary tools that let you explore this talent to its very soul.

Yes, drawing and copying the human form will amount to little more than doodles at first, but with proper training and dedication, you will very soon begin to see positive signs. Practice makes perfect as they say, and an artist is both born and made.

Is Dancing Your Thing?

Then again, you might be interested in dancing. Why not start teaching yourself? Once again, you can find like-minded people and practice with, watch online videos, and just generally try to pull off dances you truly enjoy.

If you prefer to keep to yourself, there’s definitely no reason why you should go ahead and make your interest known. Just keep practicing and polishing your dance moves until you are happy, and then – pick new ones!

Sooner or later, when you feel ready, you will want to show the world what you can do on a dance floor. And after all the hard work you have put in, you will definitely deserve it.

With this in mind, it’s definitely easy to see why the 21st century is the best time to be an artist – whatever your artistic outlay is.