10 Best Music Colleges in Canada

Music education can offer many opportunities for students, but they need to find the right school. Know the best music colleges in Canada.

Music education is an opportunity that a talented student should not waste. It is not easy to graduate as it takes blood, sweat, and tears before you reach your dreams. Canada is one place that is good to pursue music education and career. Going in this country is no different from the others, but the programs are tough and need to be taken seriously. While you are busy with the music degree, there are still lots of minor subjects that need to be settled.

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Top Music Colleges in Canada

  1.   Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto

This is the school that every music student goes after. It has an amazing program, and it is the home of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Canadian Opera Company.

  1.   Mohawk Colleges

This institution has 12 music courses that you can choose from. The mentors are hardworking, making sure that their students will learn well and get a good future. This school is located in Ontario, Canada.

  1.   School of Music at the University of British Columbia

This university is located in Vancouver and with its program blooming in the community, you cannot deny that it is one of the most sought-after colleges offering music education.

  1.   Centennial College in Toronto

In this college, one music course is being offered, but it is a good place to start your music career. Many international students choose this college.

  1.   Wilfred Laurier University, Faculty of Music

This school ranked number 10 in Canada as it has been producing talented artists.

  1.   Carlton University

Although they ranked 501th in the world, they never disappoint their students, especially in the field of music. The course outline is tailored to make music students become ready for the countless opportunities they can have after graduation.

  1.   George Brown College

In this school, students are given a chance to explore the music industry through sound design and production.

  1.   University of Alberta

Having 9 music courses, this institution makes it a good training ground for you to be successful in the mainline of the industry. The percentage of their alumni in getting good careers is high, making it a popular college among music students.

  1.   The Vancouver Film School

There are students who are talented in singing, but there are those who have a set of skills in sound design. This is the school that offers a great program to enhance different skills and talents related to music and film industries.

  1. University of Prince Edward Island

Students who choose this institution have a choice of learning two degrees in music. This school has produced lots of scholarship opportunities that change the lives of many students.