CompTIA Network+ Certification: How to Earn It and What Prep Resources Can You Use Other Than Exam Dumps?

The IT industry is an area that continues to expand at a high speed. And this is a great thing. With the ever-changing landscape that involves the introduction of robust technologies, no one would like to be left behind. Thus, the CertBolt credential offers you an opportunity to have a say in IT technologies and prove yourself as a competent specialist. It is all about learning the networking skills demanded all over the world by many businesses and firms. This is a very popular badge nowadays, so we want to talk about it in more detail and give you some advice on how you can obtain it. We will also let you know why you need to earn this certification. So, let’s finally dive into it!

CompTIA Network+ Certification & Its Exam

CompTIA Network+ considers a number of topics that you need to immerse yourself in to become successful in your current and future tasks. Thus, a demonstration of the following skills is required:

  • Designing and implementing effective networks;
  • Configuring, managing, and maintaining key devices for the network;
  • Using devices such as routers and switches in the network traffic segmentation as well as ensuring resilient networks are created;
  • Pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of existing configurations for networks;
  • Implementing security, policies, and protocols for networks;
  • Solving network issues;
  • Participating in designing virtualized networks.

All these skills will be evaluated during the CompTIA 220-1001 Practice Test that comes with about 90 questions in different formats that include performance-based, multiple choice, and drag and drop. You will have to answer them within 90 minutes. If you get 720 or more points out of a total of 900, you will earn the Network+ credential. The test costs $329 and you need to buy the voucher via the Pearson VUE platform. However, before you can take it, it is advised that you have 9-12 months of experience in networking as well as the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Dumps badge.

So, how can you prepare for the exam and earn the Network+ certification? Let’s find out!

CompTIA Network+ Exam & Preparation Tips

While the candidates differ in how they approach their certification tests, there are simple strategies that are applicable to any learning style. The most important thing is to begin and ensure you organize yourself during preparation. What else should you do?

  • Understand the certification expectations

When you are not aware of what the credential expects you to do to get it, you feel like you driving right into a storm. A great approach requires you to begin your preparation by reading more about the A+ Practice Test 14 and all it takes. As you do this, you will discover a number of things that include the exam questions you will be answering. This will help you determine what you already know and how much you still need to find out.

The steps below will give you an understanding of what to expect and what to do to ensure you are on track:

  • Check the certification webpage;
  • Download the outline of the exam objectives in the PDF file;
  • Take a look at the Network+ sample questions;
  • Take the trial performance-based quizzes available on the official page;
  • Visit the Network+ Hub and learn from the experiences of those who already hold the badge.


  • Find out what you still have to understand

To determine what else you need to cover, you should compare what you already know with what is expected. The candidates for the CompTIA N10-007 exam have varied levels of experience in IT. If you feel that you still have a lot to do, it is important that you invest more time and resources to get you to where you ought to be. Regardless of their experience levels, the students are advised to identify the areas where they have very limited knowledge and pay more attention to them. When you are honest with where you are, you will be able to close the gaps Visit .

  • Find ways to close the skill and knowledge gaps

The CompTIA preparation options offer comprehensive support to the test takers. The company’s portfolio of learning products covers books, labs, different e-Learning options, and video courses. By using them, you will discover varied ways to gain the skills and knowledge you need as indicated in the exam topics. You can also add some study materials from other websites that offer practice tests and exam dumps. But make sure that you opt for those tools that are reliable, updated, and have good feedbacks.

CompTIA Network+ Certification & Career Opportunities

Once you have followed the right steps and got the Network+ badge, you might not know where to go further. This is the time to choose your career path. This CompTIA certificate is a connection to the job roles, such as a junior systems engineer, an information security consultant, a Certbolt WebPage , a network analyst, and a network administrator. According to the PayScale research, any of these positions qualify for an average salary of $65,000 per year.

Final Words

The networking world continues to be attractive for those individuals who are interested in the entry-level roles. And with the CompTIA Network+ credential, you are set for these positions. If you are considering changing your career or you are just out of high school and feel like the IT field is for you, then this certification is surely worth your time. With the readily available resources and guidance on exam preparation, you cannot miss such an opportunity. Do not wait for some other day to make a decision to go for this certificate. If you put all your efforts into the task, you will get a lot of benefits.