How to Kickstart Your Podcast Career

Starting your own podcast can seem like a daunting task – especially when you’re entering such a saturated market.

But, in reality, creating a podcast is actually quite simple since it doesn’t require much equipment or special skills. If you’ve got a half-decent microphone and a pair of headphones, you’re halfway there!

Keep reading for more steps on kickstarting your podcast career.

1) Pick Your Podcasting Platform

Picking the best platform to upload your podcasts can seem difficult since there are so many choices. That’s why you should carefully consider comparison articles, like this Podbean vs Buzzsprout guide.

The platform you choose is important because some have a wider user audience, and can help you gain more listeners.

Other considerations include things like cost. Podbean allows you to upload your episodes for free, while other platforms like Buzzsprout charge you monthly to utilize the website.

Research every website before making a final decision of where you want to upload your podcast. However, uploading to multiple platforms is best if you can afford it.

2) Choose a Topic You’re Passionate About

To have a successful podcast, you must pick a topic that you’re truly interested in. Once you find that one subject you love, recording podcasts will feel more like fun than work.

From there, your episodes should have a clear focus that relates to your topic.

3) Get a Co-Host

Your podcasts will be much more interesting when you involve other people! If you include a friend, co-worker, or even a family member, you can expand on the topics you discuss with new perspectives, and gain a larger audience.

Once you both share your views on the topic, it is easier to have a more engaging conversation for your podcast listeners to enjoy. Also, it helps to have someone on your team to help with recording, editing, and other tasks.

4) Decide On a Catchy Name

A great name can draw thousands of listeners to your podcast. Your name could describe what the show is, or it doesn’t have to have meaning, so long as it’s memorable.

By creating a catchy title for your show, you have the ability to talk about many topics other than your main idea. Make sure not to pick a name that is too specific so that it cuts out other important topics of your podcast.

5) Create Eye-Popping Cover Art

When scrolling through podcast websites, one of the first things listeners will see is the cover art for your podcast. Viewers should see something creative and inviting, making them more likely to click on your show.

Make a good first impression by either designing your own cover art or hiring a graphic designer to create a professional image. Remember, your cover art will be the first thing people see when your show is shared on social media websites – make it good!

6) Invest in a High-Quality Microphone

To have the highest quality podcast, you should invest in a microphone. It doesn’t cost a ton of money to get a good-quality microphone at an affordable price. A podcast is purely audio-based after all; so having below-par sound on your recordings isn’t going to grow your listener base.

Podcasting Made Easy

Starting your own podcast is exciting, but a lot to organize. With a bit of careful preparation and proper equipment, you can get your show up and running in no time!

High-quality microphones and editing programs will ensure great audio. If you are looking into starting your own podcast, get this basic equipment, and don’t be afraid to just get started!