TikTok Canada Launches a TikTok Top 50 Chart

TikTok has launched Canada’s own TikTok Top 50 Chart, a new weekly chart comprised of the most popular songs on the platform in the country. It’s the first official chart in Canada to monitor music discovery and engagement on the platform. The chart is based on a combination of creations, video views and user engagement by the Canadian TikTok community and will be released weekly on Thursdays. It is the verified list of the hottest songs on TikTok each week, powered by the vibrant community of Canadian users, offering the most accurate record of the current songs that Canadian users are creating content with.

Peeping this chart will be your quickest route to see who’s trending – new artists, revived songs and the community’s favourite hits. TikTok is thrilled to be creating the go-to source to find out what songs are trending, which emerging artists are taking off and, of course, continuing to be the leader in music discovery.