Winning at Solitaire: Skills or Luck?


How many games have you come across that allow you to feel the worth of winning? Solitaire may appear basic but remains sophisticated. When talking about whether gaining is about skills or luck, it might become hard to answer. Therefore, let us analyze and see what the answer is.

Strategies for Playing Solitaire Games

Klondike is the basic Solitaire game but winning the second game will not be easy. A casino easily can make sure you lose it. Here is a case study: Klondike games have 52 cards. Once you have played the first game, seven cards remain from the first game. The dealer arranges another eight cards on the table which are face-up. This implies that there are now 15 cards that you already know. The remaining ones are 21, which are face down, and another 16 on the decks. The result is that only 15 cards are available to you, and 37 are not known to you. Guessing 37 cards really is hard. Only luck can save you here .

The 37 unavailable cards consist of 28 “odd” cards and 9 “even” cards. When the cards are turned over, they are either even or odd, and therefore no play. For most people, they have to cheat to gain this one. A Monte Carlo research shows that at 0.25%, only 2.5 to 10 percent of the games are unwinnable. Therefore, you will win most of the games due to your skills, but the rest out of luck, or ill-gotten.

Spider Solitaire has a loophole that makes it unwinnable in some cases. A case is whereby, when all the cards are either all odd or all even, there is no possible play. This implies that you start a new session with no skill or luck making the game more difficult to win.

When it comes to Free Cell, it is possible to gain every game. Any game that allows you to make one more move is winnable. FreeCell falls in this category. However, experts believe that one game out of 400 does not allow any moves, but the right things can make the other 399 games playable. This implies that one has to be skillful to win any of those. When you play any Solitaire game on a computer, it is predetermined as a playable one. If there are no aces on top, it means the game is unplayable.

How You Can Gain Solitaire Card Game

It is possible that many top players have practiced constantly and therefore they honed their skills. Sometimes, the secret to winning is to hold and wait for a while. If you play cards all the time, you reduce the chances to win in greatly. For this reason, the players cannot hold because the game becomes boring. The best thing to do is to have a strategy and implement it while playing the game correctly, in this case, you might win.

Let’s look at it this way, all the aces are deep in the piles and there are three cards above them. Certainly, this game is unwinnable. As good as you may be, the game of Solitaire is a great one for your memory. It teaches you to recognize and memorize the available cards as well as those that are not available.

Everyone has heard about fortune and most beginners are waiting for it, still, it can smile upon those who don’t even expect. In addition, it comes to players regardless of their skills level. The best piece of advice is to meet this welcomed guest and let it go without regret. Don’t rely on fortune completely as you’ll gamble away.

To sum up, winning in the solitaire game mostly depends on your skills, how long and often you practice, but also consider the percentage of fortune as this guest is really a sudden one.

Reasons for Playing Solitaire Game

Some people prefer spending their time around others. This is the time when they enjoy that cigar or tequila, have a rest, communicate. Some may want to spend most of their evening relaxing. Others are bored and need entertainment, or are forgetful and feel they need to train the brain. The reasons why different people decide to play Solitaire games are various.

Anyway, you can play it on any device, and due to the modern technology, even on-the-go. If you are playing the game on your PC, you will have an easy time in the beginning. There are tons of online gaming sites that offer free solitaire games, including classic Klondike as well as variants like Spider Solitaire. This can allow you to try out different versions of the classic game, learn the rules,and develop strategies as you work your way up to more difficult games. As the game becomes challenging adjusts, it could take you more time to be good at it. So, you can download the app like Solitaire Masters and sharpen your skills at your break, in a long queue, or even at the boring meeting. There is a chance you might win more on your PC or mobile device than in a real casino. The aim of casinos is to earn money and these enterprises need to make something at the end of each day. The croupier (person shuffling the cards) has your fate in his/her hands and can trick you even if you see the cards. Playing on mobile it is you who win or lose, as you take actions and implement the chosen strategy. So, it’s for you to decide where and how to play.


Solitaire is an exciting and smart game, so, to win it you need to have both skills and luck. If you are skilled, you can play against many opponents and win. Luck can also be on your side, but it doesn’t depend on you. The possibility of winning by skill or luck boils down to the many issues that come into play. If you’ve decided to grow your skills, play the Solitaire Masters game which will give you a great opportunity to become a real solitaire pro.