Tesla’s path to Self-Driving cars differs from others

The competition to launch self-driving cars with full technology is totally on for the past couple of years. Many companies including Tesla, Google, etc. have done several tests but still, they are working on level 5 of the autonomous cars. According to Musk, Tesla should have more than a million level 5 self-driving cars by the end of 2020.

The 2020 pandemic of COVID affects and slows down certain processes and that’s why we still can’t witness the level 5 vehicles of self-driving cars. According to chief executive Elon Musk: Tesla is now very close to achieving this level 5 as they revealed it last Thursday. Because tesla cars are now capable of navigating roads without any driver assistance.

Musk also said that he is pretty confident that level 5 will launch quickly. Along with that, the features of Tesla will be cutting-edge and pretty cool. They also claim that the new automobiles will come with all hardware necessary to be fully autonomous. The cars will be able to drive themselves in the future and of course, it comes with a price.

Still, for now, the capacity of the fully autonomous car with the feature of changing lanes, automatic parking, lane assisting, and even halt at traffic lights remains a misery. Tesla cars have still much to offer to their customers. They are still offering the best electric cars as compared to their competitors. You can also hire a Tesla car from any cheap car rental company to enjoy a ride.

Table of content

  • How is Tesla different from its competitors?
  • What are the advantages of Tesla cars?
  • Topmost features of tesla cars
  • Final thoughts

How is Tesla different from its competitors?

Tesla is one of the best automobile companies that is built from the ground up. The founder is financially strong and has visionary ideas. Tesla also encourages innovation and they are less contained from traditional auto thinking and that makes it stand alone in the competition.

Tesla has also opened to the software patents as it used over-the-air software updates for vehicle firmware to refresh their vehicles. Many other OEMs do the updates silently but Tesla is loud and proud about the capacity.

Let’s have a clear look that how Tesla is doing better than other automakers:

Tesla develop cars like software

This giant automaker builds vehicles by developing the software on unique hardware likewise Microsoft leverages Intel chips. It allows the company to update car features every few weeks while other automakers are offering traditional systems. You don’t need to change oil, frequent tune-ups, replacing mufflers, etc.

Best buying process

Tesla uses inbound sales models to simplify the whole buying process. They don’t put the ad in the Sunday paper or on TV. They understand their smart consumers and their journey. Users just have to go online, pick their favorite model, add features, and submit the deposit. You can schedule the car pick up here easily.

Minimize ownership cost

Tesla works to leverage its prowess in battery technology to minimize the overall cost. Their battery-powered vehicles are more significant than other automakers. They have fewer parts per vehicle and this simply reduces the ownership costs.

Working to reduce global warming

Tesla offers huge benefits to our society as well. With their electric cars, they are trying to make cars that don’t contribute to pollution and also eliminate the gas stations.

Tesla has distinguished itself from many other carmakers for more than a decade now. They have done this by building sleek electric cars with industry-leading driving ranges. They are also developing new technologies to create fully self-driving cars. They are not only popular for introducing electric cars but also offer great modern features in cars.

What are the advantages of Tesla cars?

There are certain advantages of Tesla cars that make it different from its competitors. The advantages of Tesla cars are as follows:

1- Tesla motors

Tesla motor designs are one of the biggest advantages to mention. No other company has an electric motor that is even close to Tesla Models 3’spermanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor.

2- Tesla batteries

It is another area where Tesla has a significant lead over other competitors. The cell chemistry, production capacity to build Ev’s, and performance are of Tesla batteries are amazing.

3- Autonomous cars

Although many companies are working on the autonomous concept. But still, Tesla is one of the best companies that is now working on level 5 of self-driving cars. They have their custom built computers to operate these vehicles.

4- Tesla supercharging stations

Tesla is a leading electric cars company so right now they have more than 14 thousand superchargers at around 1600 stations around the world. You can easily charge your vehicle here in just 30 minutes. Tesla’s mission is to build eco-friendly cars.

Topmost features of tesla cars

The most popular features of Tesla cars are as follows:

  • Autopilot mode to use during a drive.
  • Supercharges as there is no need for gasoline or fuel
  • Over the air updates
  • Streaming services and web browser
  • High-tech sensors
  • Auto raising suspension
  • Advanced parking options
  • Ludicrous plus mode
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • GPS

Final thoughts

CEOs make companies and people like Elon Musk are born with visions. He is not only a visionary CEO of the leading company Tesla but also SpaceX to travel in space. Tesla is not only an advanced automaker not only in the terms of technology but also in the terms of innovations. People are already in love with their innovations and car features. You can witness the several tesla cars on the roads and soon the autonomous vehicles will be launched.

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