Brett Kissel Tackles The Question ‘What Is Life?’ On New Album, Out April 9

Brett Kissel has announced that his fifth major label studio album What Is Life? will be released on April 9. Fans of the 18-time CCMA-Award winning musician get their first taste of what is to come from the next phase of Kissel’s career today, with the release of the album’s first single, “Make A Life, Not A Living”.

“This song is truly representative of where I’m at in my life right now…and probably – or hopefully – where many people are as we’ve adjusted to the challenges we’ve all faced over the last year,” says Kissel. “It’s about doing your best to live your best life – whatever that might be; being in the moment, being present, having gratitude and making the most of the time we have – that’s what is most important.”

On his upcoming album What Is Life? Brett says: “That age-old question is one that I’ve really focused on and centered around for this next phase of my career and for my life. And each and every time, the one thought that is always front and center for me, is doing the best we can with what we have, and making the most of our lives – living the words that I sing in the first song – and I hope that everyone who hears it not just enjoys it, but is also inspired by it.”

If you’re a fan of country music, you probably already know Brett Kissel’s story – owned his first guitar before he was even in school, released his first album before he could even drive – leading to him becoming Canada’s most dynamic country music artist before he turned 30 years old. The farm-and-ranch-raised artist has 15 top 10 radio singles, 3 #1 songs, and a tractor bucket full of gold and platinum plaques. He set records on his 112-date cross-country tour, played over 20 shows with his hero Garth Brooks, and has won 18 CCMA Awards and 2 JUNO Awards.

While fans were still buzzing about last year’s Now Or Never album, Brett started looking towards his next release, but couldn’t get three words out of his head – What Is Life? The search for something “more” weighed heavily on the country star’s mind and with the new album, Brett Kissel invites fans to take a deep-dive with him into songs about love, celebration and gratitude.