Original Sin – The Seven Sins Short Film Reimagines Dante’s Inferno, Accompanied By A Soundtrack Featuring Reinterpreted INXS Classics

On July 16, Original Sin – The 7 Sins featuring the songs and music of INXS will launch on the Veeps streaming platform via Petrol/UMe/ Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. Original Sin is a modern-day love story about a broken-hearted heroine and her journey through the seven sins and the quest towards the virtue of Hope. The music of the legendary global rock band INXS seamlessly accompanies the film, and ultimately, the young heroine finds true love while the world heals with her.

Directed by Amy Tinkham (https://www.amytinkham.com) and championed by the founder of Petrol Records and Executive Producer Chris “CM” Murphy before his passing earlier this year, Original Sin is the last project and passion that CM was working on during his final days. The film is loosely based on and inspired by celebrated Italian writer Dante Alighieri’s Inferno and the spiritual journey through the Seven Sins of Purgatory — pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust. The Original Sin short film reimagines Dante’s tale through the eyes of Jane, a 21st-century heroine isolated during the recent pandemic, who continues to search for love and the means to validate her soul.

“I was so honoured to be asked by the legendary Chris Murphy to explore telling a story through INXS music, but was also overwhelmed with how to start because it is such an iconic and incredible catalog,” said Amy Tinkham. “So instead, I sat with the music for many, many weeks and let it tell me a story. It was an out-of-body experience actually because it feels more like the songs and the times we are living in, wrote this film than anything I consciously tried to do.”

Original Sin reflects the world’s current state of affairs and the universal quest for reconnection and romance. The short film is harmoniously intertwined with the symbolically poetic music of rock icons, INXS. The entire film threads together the epic tale of all seven sins by way of a bacchanalia of color, sound, imagery, and movement. The heroine’s journey through the seven sins, ultimately finding love with each other, and together, their love heals them both as well as the world around them. Framed with minimal narration, the unscripted short film runs close to 26 minutes and is a story of isolation and love, inspired by the songs and music of INXS, as a young woman is catapulted through the 7 SINS to find true love and heal her heart.

“We are honoured that our music inspired such a beautiful and innovative short film. INXS has always explored the marriage of our music with visuals, and we welcome the reimagined versions of our songs performed by a roster of contemporary and up-and-coming global artists. These versions of our songs are a perfect accompaniment to the film,” said Kirk Pengilly of INXS. “Knowing that ‘Original Sin’ was Chris Murphy’s last passion project makes it even that much more impactful. We are deeply grateful that we are now able to share Amy’s emotive and thought-provoking short film with our audience. Play it loud…”

“Amy Tinkham’s artistic vision using our music within the film is refreshing and truly inspired, the global & diverse artists who brought their imagination through their interpretations of our songs really complement the film while still respecting our original music. It’s such an honour to have these incredible artists cover our music!! I’m humbled by their passion and in awe of their talent.” Said Tim Farriss of INXS.

Original Sin stars notable actress/dancer Autumn Miller who shot to fame as a dance sensation in her role in “Bad Liar” from Imagine Dragons’ and Trevor Jackson, who is a true triple threat, singer/songwriter, producer, and actor (Superfly, Grown-ish, American Crime). Both Miller and Jackson personify the unyielding spirit of those among us who are searching for love and redemption in a time fraught with much personal and social peril. Fabrice Calmels, the ballet prodigy who entered the Paris Opera Ballet at age 11 and is currently dancing with Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet, embodies each of the sins within his stunning performance as the “Angel” in the film.

The accompanying 13-song soundtrack — the first-ever INXS-specific project between Petrol and UMe, will also be available July 16 and features a wealth of INXS-related material, including some dramatic reworkings and reinterpretations of some of the band’s most iconic tracks, including Australian female chanteuse George Alice’s edgy take on “Suicide Blonde,” and international electropop sensation Loane’s otherworldly French lead vocals on “Mystify.” Other soundtrack highlights include Michael Hutchence’s sultry, Spanish-flavored cover of Eric Burdon & War’s 1970 collaborative classic “Spill The Wine,” Tricky’s rapid-fire rumination on “Mediate,” the sultry vocals of Sweden’s Ida Redig on “Taste It” and “Kill The Pain” and Trevor Jackson’s pleadingly personal “Need You Tonight.” GRAMMY Award-winning Petrol – INXS Executive Music Producer Giles Martin collaborated with Amy, developing the original concept. Academy Award-winning sound engineer Chris Jenkins mixed the 5.1 reimagined audio for the soundtrack. Order Original Sin – The 7 Sins soundtrack on all major digital platforms on July 16 HERE.

Also available beginning today is the first of eight carefully curated, seven SIN-themed INXS playlists and ending with one embodying Hope. The playlists will drop every week from now through August and feature many of INXS’ biggest singles as well as deeper cuts. Listen to the playlists HERE.

Drum Opera – performed by Jon Farriss (INXS)
Let it Ride – performed by INXS
Kill The Pain – performed by Ida Redig
Never Tear Us Apart – performed by Global Network & Sophia Amato
Mediate – performed by Tricky & INXS
Suicide Blonde – performed by George Alice
Mystify – performed by Loane & INXS
What You Need – performed by Wyatt Stromer & Eric Stromer
Spill The Wine – performed by Michael Hutchence
Taste It – performed by Ida Redig
Don’t Change – performed by Vimala & Aden Jaron
Need You Tonight – performed by Trevor Jackson & Wyatt Stromer
New Sensation – performed by Alterboy