ADVANCE Announces $150,000 Business Expansion Grant From City Of Toronto

ADVANCE is proud to announce the launch of their brand new $150,000 Business Expansion grant, in partnership with the City of Toronto. This program will help a variety of Black-owned, not-for-profit businesses across Toronto expand and continue to serve and assist Black music professionals in their development. Recognizing the lack of Black representation on the business side of the music industry, compounded by the devastation of the recent pandemic, the ADVANCE Business Expansion Grant will be supporting entrepreneurs and local businesses at various levels of their journey, including emerging, elevating, and established.

ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective focuses on the lack of Black representation on the business side of the music industry. As such, ADVANCE has shown that the lack of Black people in decision-making positions, has halted the success of Black creatives. For the City of Toronto, and the nation, there is great potential for an increased economic effect on tourism, import/export of creative goods and services, film/television production, permanent residency, labour force and trades.

This program is designed to provide targeted investments to address a lack of resources, and systemic barriers that negatively impact Black businesses in the music industry[revise]. By focusing on non-for-profit companies, City of Toronto and ADVANCE expect to see more education-focused business programming that assist Black leaders in their pathway to entrepreneurship or careers within the corporate space of the music industry.

ADVANCE and City of Toronto have partnered to support economic growth and career development of emerging and established businesses. The areas of interest include professional development, education, mentorship, sponsorship for persons interested in the business practices of the music industry.
economic growth and career development

Deadline to submit: October 20th, 2021, 5pm EST. For more information, and to apply, go here.