3 things you didn’t know about online sports betting

By Mitch Rice

3 things you didn’t know about online sports betting

The sports betting industry has been booming since the 1990s, when online sports betting was introduced. Aside from being easy and secure, there are some intriguing facts you don’t know about this betting method.

Available statistics are somewhat dated, but it is reported that the global market for online gambling reached around US$45.8bn in 2017. Over the years, the industry has evolved in fantastic ways to ease users’ access to online betting, so this figure has undoubtedly increased.

The online system now offers you easier access to bet on your favorite sport, with impressive bonuses and offers that are significantly better than those of the 90s. However, there are more exciting things you don’t know about online sports betting. These factors affect how you place your bet and influence your chances of winning.

Online betting odds

While online betting sites allow you to bet on sports for free or for a token, they also give you huge bonuses and chances to bet on your favorite sport and win.

However, the likelihood of winning also depends on the odds of the game, and these odds are created by different bookmakers, which is one of the reasons they vary from one betting site to another.

Here’s the exciting thing about the odds: game odds are not just numbers, they are derived from many factors. Bookmakers create game odds to give you a fair chance of good results while making a profit for themselves.

Online betting sites calculate the probability of how both teams will perform, using their performance in previous games as well as other details, before presenting the odds.

Most popular sport to bet on

The internet now offers you almost unlimited access to bet on different sports games such as cricket, rugby, horse racing and more. Still, the most popular online sports betting game is soccer.

There are billions of soccer fans worldwide, and the game becomes more popular every day. Also, fans across the globe are always eager to place their bets on their favorite teams.

Online betting sites are aware of this, so soccer remains an integral sport for many online betting sites. Some sites are even dedicated to only soccer games for online betting.

Online betting is the future

Statista reports that the online gambling and casino sector across the globe was estimated to be about $265bn as of 2019, which demonstrates the growing market for online sport betting over the years.

This immense growth is expected to continue over the coming decades. Many sports betting industries are now moving to a web-based system, which helps them expand their reach to more people across the globe.

As more inventions are available every day and the tech sector is constantly evolving, there are significant and positive impacts on the online sports betting industry.

You can easily place your bets, examine the odds and win more easily, with insight into your favorite team’s previous performances. In all, online sports betting is rapidly growing as technology evolves, making it super easy to win while the sportsbook makes some profit.

3 important benefits of online sports betting

Learn about other sports

One of the most important benefits of online sports betting is the opportunity to learn about other sports. As it’s essential to do a little research before placing your bet, bettors can quickly learn about other sports and further boost their chances of winning their wager.

You can also place your bet on a team you don’t usually support, when there’s a higher possibility of that team winning over the other. With online betting, you can keep your stake anonymous – only you know about your bet and which team you’re backing.

Super easy to place bets

Offline betting requires you to be physically available at a casino to place your bet. Now imagine you’re at work and you need to place a bet, as the game is about to start. This is where things could get complicated.

However, online sports betting has made this really easy for you. You can make your bet at the last minute, without rushing down to the casino. Even from the comfort of your bed, you can quickly research the team’s performance before placing your bets.

Huge winning chances

Aside from researching the odds, online sports betting also increases your chances of winning, considering the variety of odds offered. For instance, in soccer, different teams have odds linked to predictions of their performance, giving you a winning chance and a fair opportunity for the sportsbook to make a profit as well.

However, these odds vary from one site to another, which offers the potential to increase your winnings. You don’t have to use a particular betting site if you are not satisfied with the odds – some online betting platforms offer better odds than others, and many extend substantial welcome bonuses.

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