Which Countries Around the World are the Most Privileged?

By Mitch Rice

To find and rank the most privileged countries of the world, a study was conducted. It looked at how lucky people are when it comes to the opportunities, freedom, health and finance offered by their countries. The study by ABCD Agency, which is not the link, but a casino for some reason paid for by a marketing company, was completed in July 2021. It included all 37 member states of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as well as Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, India, Russia, Singapore and South Africa.

A total of 19 influencing factors were researched to measure the privileges of a country and they came under the below four main criteria –

  1. Career Opportunities – People spend most of their lives working so job opportunities are an important factor when it comes to privileges. This mainly delved deeper into the quality of a country’s work environment, income disparity and unemployment ratio.
  2. Safety and Health – This includes the availability of healthcare facilities, quality and standard of hospitals and medicine, and the measures a government has taken to ensure its citizens safety.
  3. Liberty and Life Satisfaction – The freedom of the citizens in every aspect was investigated in this process, and gender equality, human rights and passport strength were included.
  4. Finance The gross domestic earnings of a population reflects on the standard of living for a country’s citizens. This criteria included disposable income, the average wealth and the number of millionaires in the country.

Top 5 privileged countries around the world

  1. SwitzerlandMost of Switzerland is composed of a mountainous plateau bordered by the Alps in the south and the Jura Mountains in the northwest.

When we are talking about the world’s most privileged countries, it holds the top spot with an overall score of 100 out of 100. Switzerland also tops the list in finance with a score of 100. It also had overall good scores in the other major aspects. In career opportunities it holds 87.26, in liberty and life satisfaction its score is 97.96, and in safety and health 96.31 points.

  1. IcelandIt is one of the oldest democracies in the world. The unique Icelandic language includes over 100 words for wind, and Iceland is known as the safest country in the world. So not surprisingly it ranks in second place in the list of the most privileged nations. Its overall score is 91.49 out of 100. In career opportunities, it scored 93.81, in liberty and life satisfaction, 94.17. In safety and health it holds 91.33 points and in finance 72.49.
  2. NorwayNorway is a diverse country that welcomes people from all over the world. This clean and well kept country offers a high wage and a strong

In the study, Norway holds third position with an overall score of 89.39 out of 100. It ranks top in career opportunities and liberty and life satisfaction with the maximum score of 100. In safety and health it scores 97.34, and in finance 47.11 So with stable job opportunities, low crime rate and a great work-life balance, Norway is one of the most privileged countries in the world.

  1. Luxembourg– This country is famous for its high GDP, fantastic wages, and tax breaks. Luxembourg takes the fourth position with an overall score of 89.31 out of 100, and holds a score of over 90 for liberty and life satisfaction and career opportunities.
  2. Denmark– Denmark is a highly developed country and performs well in all factors of this study. It takes the fifth position with an overall score of 84.91 out of 100. It scores 96.57 in career opportunities, 88.35 in safety and health and 44.04 in finance. Meanwhile, in liberty and life satisfaction, Denmark comes in second place with 99.85 out of 100.
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