Nemahsis Marks The New Year With ‘Dollar Signs’

Credit: Crowns & Owls

Burgeoning Canadian artist Nemahsis reveals her brand new single ‘dollar signs’.

Built around warm guitar melodies and dreamy vocals, ‘dollar signs’ is a reflective account of Nemah’s personal struggles and introspective thoughts when faced with adversity. She explains, “Numerous times, I have found myself being taken advantage of—often in ways unimaginable… I can’t say that I am proud of every decision or every path I’ve taken, but I can say proudly that still, my “noes” outnumber the “yeses”.”

Nemah’s latest serving sees her join forces with acclaimed cultural innovators Crowns & Owls (slowthai, London Grammar) for the music video. When speaking on the plot of her music video, Nemah explains, “Society takes yet rarely does it return. It is eager to put its people in a glass box, to be an exhausting display extracting what is deemed profitable for personal gain.” The visual explores the complex duality of Nemah’s world in one take, beginning with a statuesque Nemah performing ‘dollar signs’ in a traditional Palestinian front room, before slowly panning out to a broader westernised narrative emerging on screen.

Hailing from the outskirts of Toronto, Nemahsis began paving the way for her musical career earlier last year. Approaching her music from a space of vulnerability, she’s beginning to create a distinctive body of work where each song becomes a diary entry of pivotal moments in her life. Nemah’s debut single ‘what if i took it off for you?’ defines so much of what she does as an artist; she stands up for what she believes in and what is right by her community. As a young Muslim woman, Nemah claims, “I’m not going to be anybody’s token Hijabi girl.” She later released ‘paper thin’, an emotive ballad that explores the insecurities a young Nemah experienced while growing up.

In addition to her expressive vocals and raw storytelling, Nemah is cultivating a large community of followers on TikTok. Rapidly approaching 600k followers on the global platform, Nemah empowers her fanbase with clips experimenting with fashion and her music performances. She encourages her followers to find their voices and inspires them to present themselves authentically. Already praised by fashion bible Vogue for her engaging TikTok content, Nemah’s visibility on the platform paves the way for much-needed representation of a young Muslim woman figuring out her life, one clip at a time.

Set to have a landmark year ahead of her, Nemahsis proves her soul-baring ability once more with new single ‘dollar signs’.