Nixon and Grateful Dead Jams Together For New Watch Collection

Nobody does it like Grateful Dead, and Nixon are excited to jam with the iconic band to bring this lineup of funky gear to life. A collaboration that cares about the details, together they’ve created a collection that will blow your mind while breathing new life into a historic legacy.

True originals in the world of musical experimentation, Grateful Dead created a sound that was all their own and, in the process, a global counterculture was born. In turn, their tunes are still as meaningful and relevant to life more than 50 years later.

From the orchestral, ultra-rhythmic rock jams to their iconic image, every Dead detail was considered. Devoted fans traveled to support them at every show on tour, and even crafted their own slogan and stickers to prove their love. ‘We Are Everywhere,’ evolved into a movement that only Dead Heads could create.

Trip out on the detailed iconography featuring Bears, Steal Your Face skulls, 13-point lightning bolts, skeletons and, of course, roses.

This collection is not for the faint of hearts, it’s for the Dead Heads. Look closely, the Dead is in the details. You can get them here.