Labour and Employment Law Lawyers

By Mitch Rice

Labour and Employment Law Lawyers are the lawyers who have their core expertise in UAE Labour Law. These Lawyers or the Advocates are known to be expert of UAE Labour Law, Labour and Employment Disputes, Labour and Employment Court Cases, Labour and Employment Mediations, and Outside the Court Settlements. The outside the court settlements are also called as Amicable Settlements. Apart from this if we have to throw the light on individual matter then the individual matters or disputes can be as follows:

  • When salaries are not paid on right time.
  • When Salaries are not paid and remained as unpaid salaries.
  • When End of Service Benefits are not paid on right time.
  • When company refuses to pay End of Service benefits.
  • When Employers puts false absconding.
  • When Employer puts false, cases against the employees.
  • When Employers do not pay the other benefits or profits in businesses on right time, if it was decided that employee or employees will have benefit in profits.
  • Work-place Harassments or Discriminations.

When UAE came in to being then a large number of work-force was required to establish this new country. Therefore, the experts, workers, technical staff, and many others were invited here. These workers came to country on work permits. Therefore, it was required to establish country’s own UAE Labour Law. The results came in 1980, when UAE’s first UAE Labour Law was introduced. This new Law also created the vacancy for a profession known as Lawyers. Law profession was not new to world but it was new to UAE. Therefore UAE government decided to draft the international level UAE Labour Law along with other types of Law, so people could be benefitted in a good manner. Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai is the good solution to grab the details about UAE Labour Law.

Labour Law Law Firms

Law Firms were also opened and Lawyers started playing their role in the betterment towards country. The specialization exists in every service sector. It also shaped the legal service sector in different expertise. This expertise is Labour and Employment Lawyers, Family Law Lawyers, Civil Law Lawyers, Criminal Law Lawyers, Real Estate Law Lawyers etc. Our topic is Labour and Employment Law advocates for today. Though the trend has been shifted to Full Service Law Firm, but the importance of separate Labour Law Firms can’t be ignored at all. Law Firms still having majority of cases like Labour and Employment Law Cases, Business Cases, Commercial Cases, Real Estate Case etc.

Core Duty

Labour and Employment Lawyers have professional and moral duty to resolve the disputes between employer and employees. The point to be noted that these disputes are only for the workplace disputes between employer and employee. Any other dispute between employer and employee is not considered as UAE Labour Law disputes. Such disputes can be Civil in nature, commercial in nature and more. These Labor Lawyers are hired for resolving the employment disputes as:

  • Inside the court
  • Outside the court

Inside the Court Process

Inside the court is a full form court case. It means either party has to file the case in MOHRE or in Free Zone first. It is made the court case later where, both parties have to prove the innocence. Either party can also file the counter case, if it is available. Cases can be carried forward to Cassation Court, if possible, as per Law. Final decision is executed through execution process. Execution is opened by the plaintiff and the defenders have to obey the court rules. If both parties were filling the counter cases, then both can open the executions. Failure in obeying the court orders, will cost quite heavy. Fines or trade license cancellation or both can be the penalty. Labour and Employment Lawyers’ job can be described as:

  • Attending Court Hearings.
  • Write to Court when defense is required.
  • Write to Court when subject has to be submitted.
  • Managing the court hearings and documentations.
  • Attending Expert Meetings.
  • Filling the Appeals
  • Filling Executions

Outside the Court Process

  • It’s all about outside the Court Process.
  • Alternative names are amicable settlements.
  • Friendly Manner.
  • Support to Client and also keeping the process flexible.
  • Outside the Court Process, means no intention for the Court.
  • Court must be last option.
  • Meetings with counter parties to finish the matter.

The wise people will always prefer the outside the court process first. It works when both parties are professional and serious. Sometimes when experts come in to situation then they can remove the ego, politics and aggression factor. If it does not work then same lawyer will take it to Court.

These are the core duties of Labour and Employment Lawyers in UAE. They have to resolve the cases in court or outside the court. We must appreciate the role of Labour and Employment Law Lawyers in United Arab Emirates. They are offering the legal solutions to seekers on quite economical rates. Quality of the services is amazing especially the UAE National Labour and Employment Law Lawyers have contributed a lot since the beginning. They have also established their role as a good mediator outside the court in order to create the ease in the lives of people.

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