How to Choose the Perfect Student Accommodation

By Mitch Rice

The time leading to going to college can be a bit stressful, although exciting. There are a lot of things to think about and preparations to make. One of the major questions is accommodation. It is better to start working on it as early as possible. In this guide, you’ll find all the tips and tricks to finding the perfect student accommodation for your needs.

Begin with Research

This is particularly important if you are heading to a new city. Luckily, with all things being online, it is easy to conduct research on the area, facilities, and opportunities.

It includes transportation, safety measures, available entertainment, and helpful resources, like a library. Surely, a lot of things can be done online. For instance, if there is no library in the area you are looking at, you can use digital databases or ask for writing help at the WritePaper service. It is a professional academic writing platform that offers writing, editing, and proofreading assistance with all types of college papers.

Experienced authors can tackle any task on the shortest notice, as well as deliver guidance and advice on building relevant skills. With such help on your side, it is much easier to cope with the curriculum and keep up with grades. This is particularly useful for first-year students, as they need to adjust to a completely new environment and schedule.

When looking into a new city/location, research the following factors:

  • Cost;
  • Proximity to the campus;
  • Available resources (cafes, restaurants, or libraries);
  • Transportation;
  • Work opportunities;
  • Safety;
  • Community, etc.

A lot of people prefer to live close to other students and campuses for obvious reasons. There is a community of like-minded people as well as student-targeted opportunities.

Consider Types of Accommodation

Look into what types are available in the area or city for college students. Mainly, there are several types of them one can count on:

  • Dorms provided by the university;
  • Single room;
  • En-suite rooms;
  • Studios;
  • Shared rooms.

A single room is available in a flat with other residents. So the bathroom, kitchen, and living area are shared with other students (2-8). The en-suite is pretty much the same, but you get your own bathroom. Shared rooms differ only in that you are living in a room with someone, so it is not all yours.

The studio is the most private option as you have the whole place to yourself. You only get to share the communal areas with others.

Every one of the options has its pros and cons. The difference is in the level of privacy and price. Think about what is more suitable for you and whether you mind a lot of socializing or not.

Think about Your Budget

The majority of students have to live on a budget. And accommodation plays one of the key roles in your future disbursements. Surely, one might want to go for a studio, but it is usually the most expensive option.

On the contrary, living in a dorm room is one of the budget-friendly options. There is no right or wrong. It is a matter of your opportunities. Evaluate how much you can spend on rent per month without putting yourself into huge debt.

Be ready to compromise on some things, but never on safety or connection.

Check Out Facilities

This is something a lot of first-years might miss because of the lack of experience. But facilities can make a huge difference in your living situation and finance.


The best option is a place with all-inclusive bills. This means that the rent already includes water, gas, internet, and electricity. So when comparing two flats, check this factor. If one is a bit more expensive but offers all-inclusive bills, it can actually be cheaper.

If the bills are not included, you’ll need to pay for gas, electricity, water, and internet on top of the rent.

Also, ask about additional facilities like laundry or parking. Are they available here? How much do they cost? Finally, when choosing a place, consider what the building has to offer in general, like a gym or an outdoor lounge.


Start Looking Early

The earlier you start reviewing options, the higher your chances of finding a more affordable place. Such lots go off the market pretty fast, so it is important to be quick as well.

The best flats and rooms can be taken in a couple of days, so keep an eye on the rental sites, college offers, and student community pages. Set notifications to not miss a perfect opportunity.

Examine Transportation

It is crucial to choose a safe area to live in. Sometimes it might mean a bit more expensive option or more time to get to college. The transportation should be good and reliable in such a case.

The time it takes one to get to a classroom depends on the city. Some offer a 15-minute commute; others might take up to 30 minutes and more. The location of the apartment is incredibly important as you are going to live there for a long time.

And if the transportation is bad and not comfortable, it can create a pile of issues. One can be late to lectures, miss student parties, or lose a lot of time that could be spent better otherwise.

Have a Look at the Place

Pictures are great, but it is impossible to know everything unless you see them for yourself. Go to the flats you are considering to have a feeling of what living there might be like.

Is there enough space to study comfortably? Are there all the necessary kitchen and bathroom facilities? Are there any problems with furniture or repairs that the posting might not tell about?

And always ask about internet connection. In the current environment, it is almost impossible to be a productive student without a speedy and reliable connection. You’ll need it for almost everything, from classes to leisure.

Walk Around the Area

It is great if you also have time to walk around the neighborhood before making the final decision. You can see in person what it looks like and how safe or pleasant it is. You’ll get a better idea of what your life here will look like.

Maybe the flat is amazing, but if the neighborhood is dreadful, it is less than ideal. If visiting offline is not an option, you can ask an agent to give a virtual tour. Often the case, such an opportunity is available.

Be Precise with the Contract

The legitimacy of the rental is essential. When making a final decision, read through the contract with a landlord or school. It should legally bind your relations and set requirements and expectations for each party.

Read the terms and conditions closely. It is also a great idea to have another person’s opinion. Consult with relatives, family members, or people whose expertise you trust. If something feels off or you are not comfortable with the conditions, do not sign it.

In Summary

Finding perfect student accommodation can be tricky. But with an early start and educated approach, you can definitely find something to your needs and liking. Consider your budget and interests and research the area and safety. Evaluate all the available options, visit places, and read the contract carefully. 

Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment or other purposes.