Innovative Ideas for Ed-Tech Mobile Applications

By Mitch Rice

Ed-tech, or education technology, refers to the utilization of technology in the field of education. Ed-tech aims to improve the education system by making learning easier, more accessible, and convenient for everyone. The Ed-tech industry is rapidly growing, and thus, it is offering various opportunities for entrepreneurs. Here are a few impressive facts and figures regarding the Ed-tech industry:

  • The worth of the Ed-tech Market is around $254 billion
  • Using technology for employee learning is popular in the corporate world: Corporate Ed-tech is worth $22.5 billion.
  • The Ed-tech Market is expected to reach $605 billion by 2027

These statistics are a sign for you to develop an Ed-tech mobile application to incentivize the growth of the said industry. Hence, without further delay, hire app developers and build a mobile application for Ed-tech.

Ed-tech Application Ideas

Here are a few ideas for your mobile applications:

1.      Corporate Learning Application:

A mobile application that enables employees to learn the professional skills that their work requires would be a great tool for employers and employees. Such applications help skill-building in an organization which is vital for the growth of any organization. It also helps improves the satisfaction of the employees.

2.      Learn App for Children with Disabilities

Learning for people with difficulties is very complicated. Consequently, you need to adopt interactive and engaging teaching methods to teach such children. Through your application, you can introduce learning programs for disabled people. You may utilize play-based learning techniques to engage with the children and teach them.

This application would be widely used by schools that cater to the needs of specially-abled children, and, it will also be used by parents of children with disabilities.

This software would have extremely high utility for people that need such services even though the consumption of this software would be limited to a smaller audience segment.

3.      Learn a Language

With rapid globalization, the interaction among people of all races has increased. You are often required to learn another language for the purpose of education, jobs, or business. Software that facilitates learning a new language would be extremely useful for people of all age groups. You can improve the utility of your application by offering levels of learning languages; there can be a beginner’s level, an intermediate level, and an advanced level.

4.      Group Discussion

Discussions enable clarification of concepts and foster an individual’s learning. An interactive mobile application that allows people to discuss any educational concept or theory can be extremely helpful. Additionally, you may also take some experts on board to provide their expert advice and opinion on any particular topic.

5.      Game-based Learning App

You can make learning fun through games that help people learn while also entertaining them. These games can include puzzles that require mathematic skills, English skills, or problem-solving skills. The levels of these apps can be based on the education level of the user. There can be games for elementary school students as well as for college students.

Ed-tech Application Inspirations

There are already multiple Ed-tech apps providing exceptional services to users.  You can take inspiration from the following list of applications before jumping into mobile app development in New York:

1.      Google Classroom

This is, by far, the best app for collaborative learning. Google Classroom is integrated with various other google applications, offering teachers and students the following features:

  • Calendar: To mark deadlines and important dates, enabling students and teachers to manage their time properly.
  • Drive Storage: Allows educators to upload vital documents such as books, assignment guidelines, course outlines, syllabi, and so on. The students have access to all these valuable resources, and they can access this information whenever they want.
  • Google Meet: This allows classes and discussions to be held online via video call/conference.
  • Forms: Teachers can take quizzes and feedback from students via forms. This tool also comes in quite handy for research students because, through google forms, students are able to collect responses digitally.
  • Google docs, sheets, slides: This suite allows the users to carry out projects and tasks.

2.      Coursera

The online learning app has numerous courses for a wide range of subjects. You’ll find courses related to mathematics, statistics, marketing, psychology, and the list goes on. There are thousands of courses to choose from on Coursera, and you also get a certificate after you complete the course.

In addition, the following features are also offered by the application:

  • Discussions – to comment on a theory or concept and share the learning outcomes
  • Tracking – monitor your progress, i.e., how much course has been completed and how much is still left
  • Quizzes/ Assessments – ensures clarity of concepts and enables students to understand where they are lacking. This tool also prevents people from getting a certificate just by watching videos and not learning anything.

3.      Duo Lingo

This software made learning a new language more interesting and convenient – Duo Lingo allows users to learn various new languages effectively. The app is so popular because of the given reasons:

  • It is free
  • Users can learn multiple languages through this application
  • Uses exercises to make learning easier and more interesting
  • Allows the users to engage and ask questions from other learners

Developing a Mobile Application for Ed-Tech

There are numerous opportunities in the Ed-tech industry. You can be as innovative as you want and come up with an application with high utility for learners. Nonetheless, you are required to investigate the existing market, and while you may take inspiration from the existing applications, you should never copy the exact same idea. Think out of the box, and come up with an innovative concept.

Remember, mobile app development in New York is highly competitive; with rapid digitalization and technological advancements, high-end applications are constantly being introduced in the market, making it extremely tough for any average-quality application to survive; thereby, to get promising and profitable software, you will have to invest a lot of your time, effort, and money. Make sure you spend it in the right direction; hire app developers that are experienced and skilled enough to produce a good product for you.

Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment, medical or other purposes.